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  1. J

    All my Florida growers & smokers

    I decided to make this thread because I'm tired of being singled out here in florida. I think we as Americans have the right to share the same rights & priviliges other American across the country are. After all we are all the same people under the same laws, its not like we are a island out...
  2. J

    Dutch Master Gold + Additives

    I'm going to run the Dutch Master Gold Line using all the additives. Grow A/B Flower A/B Add.27 Zone Silica Liquid Light & Saturator My Question can other additives like from House & Garden be used with this & if any of you are using them like this please comment.
  3. J

    New Plan 7000 Watts

    Hi everyone I have been retired from the plant care business for maybe 3 years now due to the harsh laws where I live, but I got the itch again & a pretty sick place to grow again plus I have alot of people who I supply medcine too so decided to grow again instead of dealing with unknowns to...
  4. J

    Shasta County (Redding)

    Im writing because Im planning on moving to Cali with wife and two little kids in Feb/Mar 2011 from Florida and Shasta(Redding) is top on my list. Im 31 years old and suffer from major back disc/foot problems from my younger college football days. So I have been growing for 8 years for both...
  5. J

    White little bugs

    i just noticed that i have little white bugs that look like tiny magets under my leaves what are they and how do i kill them and is there anything that kills every possible bug
  6. J

    Trimming fan leaves

    Im 44 days into flower still have another 45 days left My ? is I was told by a fellow grower that I should trim all my big fan leaves off so my buds can get super big is that true can I do this to help bud size
  7. J

    Planting 2 clones

    I have run out of space in my room for anymore pots but still have 10 clones left is it out of the ? to put two clones in 1 4 gallon pot
  8. J

    Yellow leaves

    Hey Im 1 month into Flowering the plants are full of budsites I have had to stake them down b/c they have started to tip over they are a 90 day strain so they still have untill the end of July but I have noticed that some of the plants are getting alot of yellow leaves that end out drying out...
  9. J

    Electric Bill Has Me Concerned

    Ok so what I was planning on using more lights for my rooms but that is out of the ? b/c i just got me bill today and it was outragous 415 dollars for a month which has me freaky out b/c my house is only a 2 bedroom. All I had Running was 3 1000 watt lights at 12/12 and 1 1000 watt light at 20/4...
  10. J

    Roly Poly

    I saw one in my grow room today should I worry or are they no worry
  11. J

    Bonicare 60

    I'm looking for something I can place cuttings in and keep them there for like 30 days under 1 600 watt light then move to my flower room I looking at the boincare 60 site but worried the roots of each plant will bind to each other and make it impossible to move them. So I was thinking of...
  12. J

    Water Chiller and Water Purifer For System

    Hey Guys Just trying to get all equip. need for this aero setup togethor. What size chiller would I need for a 50 gallon resv. And will a 90 gpd water purifer be good enought as well And if anyone has a diagram how these devices get install will be great too thanks
  13. J

    O my god help!

    Im writing this on my iPhone a huge storm came thru like a hour and a half ago it took the power out so I'm stressing out I have 17 plants vegging and 14 in flower plus a bubbler full of clones the worst part is they say that the power won't be on for another hour at least will my vegging plants...
  14. J


    Im 23 days into flowering the plants are full of bud sites i mean full i stopped counting at 45 on one plant and it still had alot more left all of them are like that but I have little to no smell is this usaully the cause
  15. J

    Water Pump

    I have a 1/4hp 1500gph pump that I was thinking of using for my 56 site aeroponics system which will have 112 360 degree sprayers with a 50 gallon resv. run thru 1/2" pvc the inline filter I bought recommends max 11 gpm but if you divide 1500gph by 60 mins u get 25 gpm. So will this pump be to...
  16. J


    whats the average yeield per plant for hydro
  17. J


    those the more budsites on a tree mean it is going to produce more b/c i have plants that have more than 60 budsite each plant
  18. J

    Big Bud/Setup/Cycle

    Ok Im growing 56 big buds from seeds right now they are under a 1000 watt light 24/0 they are like 4 weeks since I germ. them they are like 4 inches tall I will veg them for 1 month. And then flower them under 4 1000 watt lights This is my plan I have two rooms one flower and one veg. After...
  19. J


    ok I trimmed all the fan leaves in half and took all nodes and little new leaves off the clone and put it into a aeroponic clone device how long untill they have roots
  20. J

    How tall

    whats up fellow growers I have a question I just put my plants on 12/12 7 days ago and they have close to 80 more days to go they are all around two feet tall how tall can I expect them to get. There are 14 plants under 3 1000 watt hps in 4 gallon pots ff ocean forest and ive been giving them...
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