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  1. Heraldo

    Heraldo's Breeding Journal

    Been kinda busy and haven't been able to update as much as I'd like. Test runners are just over 2 weeks. Tropicanna Poison is outgrowing all of the others. Not sure if it's a hybrid vigor thing or just good genetics. Lemon hazes are just now starting to show sex... I probably stunted them at...
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  8. Heraldo

    Heraldo's Breeding Journal

    All the seeds from the test run have broken soil and they're tiiiiny. The teabaggerxtwilights are looking a bit more mature. The seeds in the pollinated buds are now visible, but far from ready.
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  17. Heraldo

    Heraldo Is In Over His Head

    I don't remember, to be honest. That post is almost a year old. There was definitely lock out though. Reading back, it looks like I had gone almost 3 months without PHing. I've always had trouble with low temps too. Not sure if this particular grow had any infestations or mould, but I have...
  18. Heraldo

    Grow Boy420 Journal 2021

    subbed looking good. i really like the cabinet. having ladybugs patrolling the area is pretty cool too a pic of some purple kush (buddha seeds) I grew a while back. nugs were on the fluffy side but taste was really smooth and had a nice mellow high.
  19. Heraldo

    Heraldo Is In Over His Head

    this is an old grow. looks like I forgot to close it. current one is in my sig I think the lockout might be from overwatering. I tend to get too excited in flower
  20. Heraldo

    Dark Angel Hybrid hda347f3 seed germination

    it'd be cool if you journaled the grow/breeding process. I'm definitely interested :peace:
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