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    Hodder's Scrog - MK Ultra - Soil - HPS - Air Pot

    :surf::welcome::surf: Welcome to my next single plant scrog everyone! Here are the specs: What strain is it? Mk Ultra by THSeeds Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Mostly Indica, G-13 crossed with O.G. Kush Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Just flipped to 12/12 If in Veg...
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    A New Grower's Guide - Scrog - Soil - HPS - Air Pots - White Rhino

    :welcome: A New Grower's Guide to Scrogging! Hello everybody! welcome all, especially all of you new growers. This is a journal where I will attempt to help new growers avoid some of the problems that usually plague newbies. The goal will be to show simple indoor soil growing while using...
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    Purple Test Grow: Soil - Air-Pots - CFL - HPS - DR60 Tent

    Welcome everyone to my new grow! Upgraded equipment with upgraded ambitions! :welcome: So for me this is a new phase in growing after some unsuccessful attempts with bag seed, bad soil, and all CFL's. I have finally ventured out to a semi-local indoor grow store in my area for better...
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    Grow Tent - Soil - CFL - Bag Seed - Advice Welcome!

    welcome to my new grow journal everyone. this my second attempt at growing some chronic. my first attempt resulted in some hermies but i learned a lot. after my first grow harmed i bought a secret jardin grow tent to help keep the dark cycle 100% dark. What strain is it? bagseed Is it in...
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    Hodder356's CFL Cabinet Grow 2012

    Hello everyone at 420! Welcome to the first official grow journal for me. This is a grow started from a failed first attempt. I live in an area without a lot of hydro/grow stores so all my supplies are from one of the big home improvement stores. I think this current setup is working great so...
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