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    Two 550 Watt LEDs on a Light Mover in a Tent

    High everyone! I'm doing this grow journal to show the world, and see for myself, if LED lights are ready for prime time yet. And to get some great advice, since this is pretty much my first real grow I'm going to need all the help I can get. Here's an inventory of what we'll be working with...
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    Volunteering at local Collective

    Hi all, there's a new dispensary in my small town and I want to work or volunteer there. I talked with the owner yesterday about it, and he said if I could do a little research online about how to let me volunteer there, he would let me. But I have no idea what he's looking for me to do? Does...
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    Grow Room for Volksgarden

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to set up a great grow room and get my mothers growing strong before I purchase that Volksgarden rotary hydroponic system. This is my first grow so I could use some expert advice. Here's a video to show what I've got so far. Please chime in if you've got some...
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