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  1. TriangleCheese

    420 Magazine's Plant of the Month: March 2021

    I'm here with my little princess Pink Kush:adore: Flowered under an average of 1400 micro moles of PPFD with 1300-1400PPM's of CO2 with the rest of my grow. This is a test plant for my future SOG grows. Has nothing but top shelf buds on. Not much leaf and stem weight when you grow this way. And...
  2. Harvest 1.JPG

    Harvest 1.JPG

  3. Pink Kush Balcony 2.JPG

    Pink Kush Balcony 2.JPG

  4. Pink Kush Balcony 4.JPG

    Pink Kush Balcony 4.JPG

  5. Harvest 2.JPG

    Harvest 2.JPG

  6. Harvest 3.JPG

    Harvest 3.JPG

  7. Pink Kush Balcony3.JPG

    Pink Kush Balcony3.JPG

  8. Pink Kush Balcony.JPG

    Pink Kush Balcony.JPG

  9. TriangleCheese

    Mr. Sauga's Sponsored Grow Journal - Featuring Atreum Lighting and Blue Planet Nutrients

    Your plants can only intake a certain amount of photons and use it for developing bio-mass and cannabinoids, terps etc. Lets say you have a basic setup without CO2 boost. In that case, your plants will most likely dislike any photon density above 1200 micro moles. Some strains prefer lower PPFD...
  10. TriangleCheese

    TC Cranks All The Way Up: My Attempt To Max The Frost & Pounds

    Good circulation really helps under high PPFD brother. I got a great fan system and my grow area always gets fresh air whenever there is no active CO2 boost. I've been blooming these plants under an average PPFD of 1350 micro moles which is really high to conduct without CO2 supplementation...
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