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    HPS to LED in mid flower: good idea or not?

    Hey y all, so I ve recently purchased a pair of 1200 w led lights, I am currently running 1000w hps in the flower room and cfl s in the veg room. I wanting to cycle out the 1000w hps for the 2 1200 w leds but am kinda worried about shocking/stressing the plants in flower since one s at day80...
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    PH issues?

    Having some issues here fellas, my plant has been yellowing and burning up for the past month or so! Just wondering if y all can tell me what's up from these pics? I did have the lights a little close and raised them but all my new growth seems very light green with what it looks like purple...
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    Ooops - Fed Synthetic Plant Organic Food

    I M not too concerned but I accudently fed my synthetic fed plant organic food, as I am running both lines from Green Planet, and I m wondering if it ll cause any adverse effects? I could see if I went the other way and fed syn too an organic fed plant but I got lucky..... I m actually surprised...
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    What's the best way to feed your plant organically?

    Hey guys, I ve just started an organic grow with Medi One from Green Planet for nutrients, now I m wondering about ph and how it changes if I mix my nutrients a couple days before feeding while mixing air in, does it drop, should I adjust for that drop ahead of time, is it a bad idea to mix a...
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    Rookie Start At A Perpetual Garden

    Hello ladies and gentlemen this is gonna be the story of my growing experiences, ALL the up s and downs will be proudly displayed here for posative and negative reinforcement! Think of me as a sponge, I furry faced dirty old sponge that one might find in the dump, I m open to every form of...
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    Hermi Seeds

    Hey guys and gals, I ve been racking my brain trying to figure out what's going on in my garden these past few weeks..... Let me start from the beginning, I found some seeds in a bag of street grass I got a while back which spurred me to attempt my first grow. Wow, did I ever do screw that up...
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    Browning and burnt leaves

    I m the nubiest or nubes here and I have an issue, or a new issue anyway! What do you guys figure is causing my girls leaves brown and the tips look burnt? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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