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    NFT System tips and advice

    Ther red cherry berry grow in my sig, was better than the first, up until I had a collapse from lack of support. lol. My bad.. But all in all, it still produced some very large heavy and dense buds. The buds pack on the weight quick, and the smoke was awesome. That smal system I made will yield...
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    NFT System tips and advice

    yes, that was a weak journal, wasn't able to put the time into it when it was going. But NFT is a great system, I've had great results since my first 2 runs, and am about to start a new setup with the aero NFT unit. Whats the issues your having with it?
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    Trimming tunes

    Most of my trimming happens late at night, but we we just hit shuffle on the ol' ipod, and start making them buds beautiful. Lots of different music there, lol. From classical, to soulfly, anything but sappy sad country music is good. My personal fav during trim is a mix of ministry, My life...
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    NFT help request

    Deffinately go by the trichs. When they tell you it is a 8 week flower strain, thats in excellent lab quality conditions usually. Some strains will do an 8 week flower, but most of the time a real # is more like 10-14 weeks for great results. Just watch your trichs, and when you get a good...
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    Autoflower = ditchweed. In my book anyway. lol. May as well grow a hemp plant, and try smoking it. lol. Sorry just not a fan of rudaralis ditchweed. We used to find all over here at home when I was a kid. lol.
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    Did i fim properly?

    Thanx for the reps, :thankyou:
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    Lighting and soil question

    maybe a nitrogen defficiency, How old are they, if only a couple days old, or from transplant, it could be a bit of shock. I to would drop the miracle grow. While it is possible to grow a decent plant with MG, it's still packed with nutes that you can't really control, and may burn your babies...
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    Did i fim properly?

    Looks ok here, lol. As long as you get the node cut about half way down just where you can see it will almost resemble 4 little shoots inside the one. Sorry but thats the best way I can describe it. lol. Mine came out with an average of 3-4 new shoots from each fimmed area. Somewhere on here...
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    Cloning while flowering

    No problem, hope it helps. Also, once your clones go into the cloner, I use 24/7 lighting on them until they root and get transplanted either to soil or hydro, then I start the veg process at 18/6. I veg for 3-4 weeks, and then give 24-36 hours of darkness before the lights come on and start...
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    I screwed up. One of my ladys had a closet sex change-seeds visable-I need a hug!

    Re: I screwed up. One of my ladys had a closet sex change-seeds visable-I need a hug Hit attitude seed shop up, I've had nothing but great seeds from them. and they've all been very very stable. There's been more than a couple times I think a lessor quality seed would've hermied on me. lol...
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    I screwed up. One of my ladys had a closet sex change-seeds visable-I need a hug!

    Re: I screwed up. One of my ladys had a closet sex change-seeds visable-I need a hug Heres a good one, I feel for ya. :5: :5: :5:
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    How often should I feed using GH Flora Series on plants in a soil(non-hydro) mixture?

    Re: How often should I feed using GH Flora Series on plants in a soil(non-hydro) mixt I also use GH for my nutes, on my soil and hydro. For soil I usually do a feed water water schedule. So if I feed on monday, Generally 2-3 days later its time to water, I do 2 watering to every feeding and...
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    Cloning while flowering

    Cloning in flower is a great way to produce monster clones. Ideally you want to take your clones about day 17-22 in flower. After they root they will go through a phase called re-veg, you will start thinking something is wrong with them but it is normal. They grow alot of wierd bladed leaves...
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    Best Bud for beginner grower

    I'd avoid autos for your first tries, they can be dissapointing to say the least. from my xperience anyway. But i personally think anything with the ruderalis strain in it, is ditch weed. My personal favorite for when I was beginning was by far the Barnys Farm- Red Cherry Berry. It's great for...
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    How long?

    Hey bud, I've had a couple seeds take 2 weeks before opening, Usually, they crack in just a few days, but they can take a couple weeks sometimes, all depends on when she wants to open up. lol.. I personally toss em after 14 days if they havent done anything by then. Also, how are u germing...
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    First time

    first, welcome to the forum. yes you can get seeds online. I prefer attitude seeds in amsterdam, but there a multitude of quality seed retailers. I would look through the sponsors page, and check out some of them. 2nd, you should really start by reading all of the how to grow stickies on the...
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    Best Bud for beginner grower

    Hey, check out barnys farm Red Cherry Berry, it is a great beginner strain, and has a real good yield. And it is way hard to kill. lol.. I burnt the shit outta a few when they were clones, and they just pop right back in shape. lol.. and it is an awesome smoke, one of my favorites for sure now.
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    New grower, need help!

    Just find youa big jug, any jug will be fine really, I like em with about a 4" to 6" opening at top. drill lots of 1/4" holes, fill with activated charcoal, and wrap with basic furnace filte. mount fan on top pulling air through, and your good to go..
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    Please Help! Questions that need answers!

    if the clones came from a female mother plant, then they will be females, it's an exact copy of the plant it comes from. your friend sounds like he is wrong, wrong, wrong. lol.. your on the correct path here, listen to these peeps and you'll be growing beauties in no time.
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    Please Help! Questions that need answers!

    whether its soil or hydro, you always want to keep your nutes at a level just below burning. I personally haven't tried the 14 hour, I just stick with what I know won't cause hermies, and lighting is the easiest way to get a hermie. lol.. Not to say it's wrong, or won't work, lol. just that me...
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