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  1. 420BudzFreak

    420Budz Grows Again: GDP In RDWC Under LED

    Hello Hello! I’m back for another round! I will add some more pictures in a follow up post shortly. Have a look over my little blurb below and pull up a chair :). Everyone is welcome. Let’s get growing! SETUP - 4x4x7’ Tent - 3 LED Lights @ about 220w from the wall each = about 660w - Home...
  2. 420BudzFreak

    420BudzFreak Is Back To Play! Journal 5, RDWC & LED

    Hello 420 world! I'm back for my 5th journal on this wonderful forum! Here we go! Long story short, I started 3 plants that I planned on moving outdoors in the spring. It got a bit late in the season and the plants were taking their sweet time to grow. They ended staying inside, in the 2x2...
  3. 420BudzFreak

    420 Tries Again! 4x4 RDWC 600W Switchable HID & 260W Actual LED

    Hello there everyone. I hope you’re well. I’ve have been around in a while it seems. I’ve got another run started so why not show it off. They’re bag seed from a recent run I did and found a few seeds. The smoke was awesome so let’s go! Tent - 4x4x7 with a zip and flip front door lol...
  4. 420BudzFreak

    Freaks 3rd LED Grow Journal, 4x4x6.5 Tent, Chocolate Cream Cookies: Chocolate Stardawg x Cookies & Cream

    Hello there!! I’m back for another journal. I’m upgrading my tent and will be adding a new light sometime during the grow. I get the tent today so you’ll see pictures of setup and everything. I’ve been growing for quite a while and have things fairly dialed in. I use the GH Flora series and...
  5. 420BudzFreak

    Its A New Year's Flipping Party! Group Journal For Those Flipping On New Year's

    Hey there everyone! I know there is a few people planning to flip on New Years day including myself. I figured I would make a common "journal" to share the journey! We can drop update pics and have a common spot to chat about the progress! I know its tough to follow a ton of journals so do...
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