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  1. Tomula

    Anyone using lava rock dust in their soil mixes?

    Once, I was stoned I was looking at some volcanoes and the fields of green covering those old Nature's forges. And as I'm a fan of a nice rich soil and compost teas, I wondered if adding some nicely baked lava dust will make those flavors pop up and maybe get exotic. Or it could be even cooler...
  2. Tomula

    Ancient irrigation system - Cheap - Easy to use - No overwatering - Olla

    Hello :420: I came across few videos and decided to give the ollas a try: You will need: Two terracotta pots (2$) Flat pebble (free) Hot glue gun and glue (?) Heat source for warming the clay up (10$) Alcohol or soap to clean the glued surfaces (?) Glue the pebble...
  3. Tomula

    How I made my Cococannaoil in blender in 30 minutes

    Hello everyone. I want to share my take on cococannaoil. I used about 50 grams of trim and leaves with a few low buds and around 200grams of oil. I own a high speed blender usable for hot soup mixing similar to Vitamix- good air circulation for cooling. I put it all in the blender, added cup or...
  4. Tomula

    My DIY carbon filter/scrubber for 16$

    Hello everyone. I know, the smell, it's nice, it's great. But if you need to hide it and do not have the money for some nice and shiny carbon filter, you can get inspiration from mine- ugly and not so shiny- but definitely working one. It has very low drag and I have tested it with strong...
  5. Tomula

    Tomula's Living Organics In Soil With Olla Irrigation Perpetual Indoor Garden

    Dear people of the forum, all of you helpful and kind souls here and there, everywhere. I'm back, with me- a new grow! No pics, oh no! Come tomorrow! Under purple light glow, where winds always blow, I have something for you now, so grab a bowl of popcorn, and enjoy the show! :yahoo...
  6. Tomula

    My first grow leaf burn - Soil indoors under LEDs 14day flower - Advice needed - Newb

    Hello everyone on :420:! First time grower here! I have a problem with my plant, looks like a light/heat burn to me but I could be wrong as I am a newbie. My solution as for now is to buy second fan to pull the air in and out. Any feedback is welcome. Some info for you: Strain: WW/Ak47 from...
  7. Tomula

    KanaVape - Legal no THC just CBD Cannabis oil e-cig

    I have stumbled upon some articles about KanaVape and I wanted to share it with you. France: THC-Free Marijuana Vape Pen Hitting The Market | Hemp News ?Laissez-faire? Non! France seeks to stub out ?e-joints? on launch day ? RT News First cannabis e-cigarette Kanavape goes on sale in UK...
  8. Tomula

    Hello 420 Community! New grower here

    I was thinking about posting sth about me here, but did not have the time or right mindset to do it so here we go: My name is Tom and I live in the Czech Republic. I am growing, smoking, reading about, baking (brownies) and voting for legalization of cannabis. I like almost any music that...
  9. Tomula

    Tomula's 1st Ever Indoor Closet Stealth - Soil - WW/AK47 - Hybrid Grow - 2014/15

    Hello everyone, I've decided to share my progress of my 1st grow ever with you. English is my 2nd language so please be patient with me. I may attempt some supercropping and topping but I will be glad for any suggestions from experienced growers. I've started 12 days ago with 1 seed, an old...
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