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  1. SOG001

    Doin' it my way

    I have been growin since 1970 both cannabis and vegetables I've grown with Miracle grow for tomatoes, Fox Farms, Canna for coco and now Mega Crop. I don't grow scientifically I grow by feel. Sure I read the labels and get an idea then I adjust to what the plants are telling me. Growing in soil...
  2. SOG001

    Growing Purple Urkle, Cookies & Cream, Candyland, Harlequin & Critical Cure

    I'll be growin some Harlequin, Critical Cure, high CBD strains along with some Candyland, Purple Urkle, Cookies and Cream, and my cross of Granddaddy Purple X Thai Stick I'll be growin in straight Coco Coir from Texan Green Farms in a drain to waste configuration using Mega Crop nutrients My...
  3. SOG001

    Some Old Guy Grows Barney's Farm Liberty Haze, Peyote Cookies, Amnesia Lemon & Harlequin In Coco

    This is my third grow in COCO Medium is Roots Organic COCO Coir Nutrients are Canna Coco A&B Protek silicon and during flower some PK 13/14 I'm doing drain to waste Hydro The drain table is 4 ft. x 5 ft. it drains into a washer catch pan to make it easier to vacuum out the waste water and...
  4. SOG001

    Some Old Guy Grows Dragons Blood x Old Mother Ghani, Sunshine Daydream, Girl Scout Cookies, Granddaddy Purple x Thai Stick

    I decided to start a new journal. My current journal title is misleading it doesn't infer a grow is happin a little about me I am retired and have been growin since 1972 The room is 7' x 9' 6" exhaust fan 600 watts of Vero 29 cobs a mix of 3500K 4000K and 1700K the 4000 and 1700K were...
  5. SOG001

    Some Old Guy's New Grow Room

    Hi all SOG here I've just finished up my new grow room This is the space I started with
  6. SOG001

    SOG Grow In Coco

    Hi all I am new here I have done a few grows some good some not so good. I am trying Coco Coir for the first time and so far I am likin it . The medium is 100% Cococoir from Green Texas Farms Nutrients are Canna Coco A&B Rizotionic. Cannazym, and Boost Plants are 22 days old Temps in the...
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