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  1. vyserage

    Quantum Board 600w intensity question

    Ok so I have a light frame running 12x qb132 boards. The frame is perfect for a 4x4 tent where all plants would basically be under direct light. In order to save on money I adjust the drivers to 200w per row which is 3 rows of 4x panels. So that's 4 qb132s pumping out 200w. My question is...
  2. vyserage

    4x8 tent in garage, venting & AC help

    So I'm thinking of moving my 4x8 grow tent into the garage as the inside is not an option. The biggest issue I'll have is high temps in summer as last year summer even got well over 90f in tent (inside the tent while inside the house). In the garage is bound to be even hotter. I need help in...
  3. vyserage

    Bud curing plants in same closet but different stages

    Can you dry bud at different times/stages? Example: Day 1 harvest 1 plant, day 6 harvest next plant and place in same closet with the still existing plant/s that are dryer. Any harm? i have a humidifier and dehumidifier in closet to help keep it 65% for a slow drying.
  4. vyserage

    Bud Rot and the conditions it's most likely to happen

    So i got hit with bud rot for the first time. I noticed it was getting below 60f in the house when the door is open so i started closing it. I ended up getting bud rot and it turns out the humidity was jumping up to 70% + with door closed (even when its raining outside). By having it cracked...
  5. vyserage

    Thats mag def right?

    Veg day 52. RDWC Rez water never changed. Will change on day 60 to flowering nutes. Nutes kept low and added 5g nutes here and there when ppm drops low (700's). Currently its at 805 and has never been over 1000. I could be feeding it higher but thought i should get some opinions first...
  6. vyserage

    Help figuring out solar requirements offgrid

    As title says, i could really use some help! Anybody out there completely versed in solar and electricity? My lights are 12x panels of qb132 using 600watts max usually, but i can pump them up to 900watts via adjusting the pots. I plan to double down eventually which would make it 1200 watts(600w...
  7. vyserage

    Stressed seeds vs. healthy seeds

    So the Blue Dream plant i ran out of seeds happen to get stressed enough to give me 7 or 8 seeds and possibly more in bud. My question is this. Would a stressed seed be just as good as a seed from a plant who's purpose was for seeds? would there be really any big difference in the productivity...
  8. vyserage

    How do you clean your airstones in hydro?

    Anybody know of good liquids to help eat away at the leftover sludge that accumulates inside airstones and blocks airflow.?
  9. vyserage

    G4-QB132 x12 RDWC 6x Jack Herer 4x4

    Aaaand we are off again! This time the full grow will be with the qb132's! Light: 12x qb132 3500k (running at 75 watts per row for now until they can handle the light closer or higher wattage.) Tent: 4x4 (48x48) Air: 4" inline fan on bottom of tent bringing in air. The positive pressure this...
  10. vyserage

    Opinions on 6x 5gal RDWC in a 4x8

    Currently i m growing in a 4x4 tent. 1 of my plants was able to take up the space of 3 plants and naturally gave nearly 3x what all the other 2 plants gave. 7 ounces roughly from 2 plants each, 20 ounces from the gg4 that took up more space. 2 plants discarded and 1 small one lacking light gave...
  11. vyserage

    Cure-Jar burping once a day for first 1-2 weeks question

    So if i got a bit late in jarring my bud and the humidity reading inside is 55% at jarring (in 1 quart mason jars)and 56% 24 hrs later, should i risk burping and losing that humidity inside? I've ordered some bovida packs (i ran out) and will put them in those jars as soon as they come in but...
  12. vyserage

    60 hrs darkness before chop, only 1 of 3, question

    If i were to start the darkness clock the moment my lights turn off at 11am (almost 5 hrs from now) and leave the lights off until 11pm Sunday (60 hours of darkness), would the plants i dont chop be okay to continue flowering back on original schedule of 11/13? I'm flushing still and it will...
  13. vyserage

    Phosphorous deficiency?

    So aside from the slight nitrogen toxicity, this large fan leaf pulled right off with a very small tug so the leaf's that this has been happening to are super weak and pull off with little to no resistance. I'm thinking its a phosphorus deficiency, what do u guys think? 3 months old mother...
  14. vyserage

    Blue Dream, look ready for 7 day flush?

    What do u guys think? I'm thinking of flushing it for 7 day's when i get home in 8-9 hours. Thoughts? Think it needs longer still? Notes: Its on flowering day 67, RDWC system, 82-88f nute temps entire grow, checked trichomes 10 hours ago and saw little to no amber on the leaf's, none on bud...
  15. vyserage

    Drying and cure

    Let's say I dry a plant for 4 days(and its ready because of its small size) in a closet at 80f to 86f with a humidifier at 65%, followed by jarring it up and throwing in a humidipak when I see it 65% or below. Now I have a larger plant right next to the first one, twice it's size. Let's say...
  16. vyserage

    Def? 3-4 month old Superglue mother plant

    So i have my mother plants and they all have a little something i've been battling. Been trying to find a good feeding schedule as the basic one from general hydroponics doesnt seem to be enough, and thats with me feeding every round of watering. What do u guys think this is? Maybe im just...
  17. vyserage

    Need a quick answer regarding decarb & trim

    From my last 2 harvest i placed all the trim (before drying) in mason jars right after freshly cut from the plant. Placed into freezer for 4-8 months. I am now pre-baking at 240f for 60 minutes and the weight went from 40 grams of trim to 11.2 grams of trim after all that water evaporated. So...
  18. vyserage

    Flowering Day 41 and still stretching?

    Things to note: *Air temps highest of 88f, lowest of 82f. *Inside tower fan is set to blow on the tops of cola's and hitting the LED's at same time, to help keep it cool (which it definitely does). This fan turns off when the lights go off and back on when lights on. Intake fan on bottom is...
  19. vyserage

    Should flowering day 1 on log start with sex signs?

    Recent reading shows me people saying I should start my official flowering day 1 when the first pistols show up, usually 2 weeks into flowering. Is this true? For example, a guy said the listed 8 weeks flowering time on a specific strain should be counted day 1 after the plant shows female...
  20. vyserage

    Top leafs yellowing inside-out, iron deficiency?

    What do u guys think? Could this be an iron deficiency? Growing in a 6 bucket RDWC. Ph starts at 5.6 and as i add top-up water in every night, its non ph'd so the ph casually raises until it hits 6.4 and i add 3-4 TBS ph down until i get to 5.6 and repeat. Nutrients:Gh trio. I also add in bud...
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