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  1. HashFart

    100% sativa any tips?

    Hello I'm hash fart and I was curious about growing a sativa , I honestly hate sativa but I want to grow one just for learning and to impress family and friends,,,,,, the strain I'm going to try is called golden tiger x Panama, the info I read suggested that I do a 11/13 light cycle wich I...
  2. HashFart

    Perfect Sun LED

    Hey I can't order off perfect sun led website , and I tried to contact them? I'm just curious of they are still in business
  3. HashFart

    Transplanting Large Plants

    Hello 420 I got a clone that will be vegging for a long period of time , I was curious on how to transplant from a 5g to a 10g? ,,,I've never transplanted a plant this large any tips would be greatly appreciated! thanks in advance sincerely brother hash fart
  4. HashFart

    Bubble hash

    Hey guys I was just curious if you chop your plant and put it directly in the freezer prior to making bubble hash or do you dry and cure first? Thanks
  5. HashFart

    Hash Fart Drives An Automatic

    My name is hashfart - I'm trying to grow a auto -blueberry auto -sun blaster 200w for seedling and a little veg -budget led red spec for flowering -gorrilla grow tent 2'x2.5' -starter soil / hot soil -7g pots I'll avoid transplanting with a solo cup size of seedling soil in the hot soil...
  6. HashFart

    Hashfart has to veg for at least 8 weeks

    Hello I'm hash fart and my tent is full with plants that have been flipped ! So I have to veg 2 plants outside of the tent for 8 weeks ! I was wondering if I could top all the new tops again? And if yes can I snip them all at once ?
  7. HashFart

    Hash Fart Trying A Mystery Seed

    Hi im hash fart and I got 1 seed from a tuna can from the late 90's , if you're from Canada you will remember the tuna can weed, -small gorilla tent -promix HP -humboldt mini kit
  8. HashFart

    Inlines and carbon filters

    Hello everyone im in search for a new inline fan and carbon filter ,. I have a small tent but im not afraid of a little over kill! It has to fit in 2.5' x 2' tent , if there is any sponsor with these products in willing to support ,. Thanks in advance sincerely hash fart
  9. HashFart

    Hash Fart Trying The White Tahoe Cookie

    Name: Hash Fart Veg Light: agrobright florescent 10"x18" Flower Light: budget led series 3 + red spec 250 watt Tent: Gorilla grow tent 2'x2.5'x7' Exhaust Fan: hurricane inline + carbon filter Intake Fan: honey well turbo + mini desk Pot: 5 gallon after transplant Soil: promix Temperature: 25°...
  10. HashFart

    Most colorful strain, what seeds?

    Hello im hash fart im a newer grower and want to try a super colorful strain for in my mini tent? What strain do you think will really stand out in color? Ill be running a white Tahoe cookies by dr seeds beside it! Here's a pic of my Little set up! Hell yeah brother! Don't get the wuhan!
  11. HashFart

    Hash fart in search for a new light

    Hello im hash fart im on my second grow ever , im currently running a CFL and a cheap led in my tent , the CFL is out performing my led , in other words the led I got blows the big one , I need a light for flowering , my tent is a 2' x 2.5' x 7' ...... I never thought I would enjoy growing weed...
  12. HashFart

    Switch to LED help

    I switched to an led and think I stunted my autos what do I do
  13. HashFart

    First time germinating seeds help hash fart

    I think I germinated my seeds correctly but my taproots got a perfect curve do I plant seeds tap root point down or tap root stock down thanks in advanced sincerely hash fart
  14. HashFart

    Hash Fart's Trying His First Auto

    Name= hashfart........ Strain = black widow....... Tent= gorilla grow 2'x2.5'x7'....... Light= agrobright florescent 10"x18" ....... Exhaust fan= hurricane inline carbon filter.......... Intake fan= Honeywell turbo+mini desk..... Soil= super soil...... Nutrients= Humboldt mini kit........ Pot=...
  15. HashFart

    Bongs and outdoor activities

    Hello everyone I'm not big on reviews but I have had this bong bag bong bag for 2 years and it's been unreal I strap it on my quad for hunting trips , I throw it my truck box ,I snowboard with it , and it's kept my 2 foot double tree perc unit in mint condition! And does anyone have any good...
  16. HashFart

    HashFart curious about the term lollipop?

    Is it good to cut lower leaves off ? Is there any benefit? Should I cut ?
  17. HashFart

    Pre mix yay or nay

    I was just curious if there is such thing as premixed nutrients for feeding ? And if not is it okay to mix nutrients and store them mixed in bottle? And if so for how long? Thanks sincerely HashFart
  18. HashFart

    Hash fart looking for products in Canada

    Hello I've been getting lots of useful information and help on this site , but I've quickly realised alot of products used for a successful grow are not here in Canada ? Where do people buy nutrients in Canada? Alot of brands that I'm suggested and read about are just not located near me. It...
  19. HashFart

    Hash Fart Trying The Gelato OG Clone

    Name: hash fart.......Strain: Gelato og...... Light: agrobrite flourecent 10"x18" .........grow tent: gorilla grow tent 2'x2.5'x7'........fan: hurricane inline with filter+mini desk fan+honeywellturbo............Pot: 3galon ..........soil: dutch treat .......Light...
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