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    Haloplanter returns..green thumbs for all

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    Look at my plants

    I need some help guys & gals to get one of these turned into plant of the month, they were all grown & raised in a bathtub, with daily rotations and only fimming. The auto afghan/critical mass is the 1st 2 pics, the purple widow is the next 2 pics, & the auto chocolate skunk with 7-8 colas...
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    Haloplanters LED & HPS Grow - Purple Widow - Auto Choc/Skunk - Auto Afghan Mass

    Hey guys its been a while since i posted on here, but after losing seeds in the battle due to me not knowing what i was doing. i have great success now and great simple understanding on this plant process Heres my setup soil: coco coir(soaked with super thrive & sea kelp) 2 parts, coco loco 1...
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    hey gools & gals new 1st time grower here

    Ive been reading up on lots of forums & especially this one.. so ive setup my stealth grow in an unused bathroom, & purchased an apollo 400 watt hps, an apollo 300 watt full spectrum led grow light, I also have the recipe for success starter kit, coco loco bush doctor, bio weed & the famous...
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