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  1. DocMarleyOG

    NerdHerb's Grape Stomper Side-by-Side

    What's up its me Doc Marley back with my second journal you know the one I've been promising for a little over a month now...sorry for the delay be it's finally here!! so a little background the Grape Stompers have been vegging for about a month now gonna be flipping them soon (Jan. 19th)...
  2. DocMarleyOG

    Docs Soilless BacctoEliteHP Multi Strain Journal 2014

    Whats up 420mag!! :welcome: GoodVibes to all :Namaste: ..this is my first grow journal gonna be running some new soilless medium(BacctoEliteHP) thats specifically designed for growing Medicinal Cannabis..the Rep handed me the bag and said this aint for growin tomatoes :laugh2: haha...
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