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  1. cgkone

    Naming sources

    Are there rules stopping me from naming nutes and seed sources Sent from my LG-H901 using 420 Magazine Mobile App
  2. cgkone

    Pictures to my own journal

    How do I post pictures to my journal....once again it's hard to keep up on my journal Sent from my LG-H901 using 420 Magazine Mobile App
  3. cgkone


    I can not get the mobile act to work on my phone. It's says network error. This happened before and I think that I had to unistall the app the reinstall in a few days. The site works fine on my tablet, but I need to use my phone to update journal
  4. cgkone

    Need help with pics

    I'm doing a new grow journal and I'm having a hard time for the first week it was easy to post pictures it was just like using Facebook I could I could just touch the attachment button and post a picture now when I log on to my own journal it's hard to even Post Oak sentence it's hard to even...
  5. cgkone

    My 2016 Outdoor Blast

    Here we go guys. I'm gonna run this until november. Take you guys all the way thru harvest. Tomorrow I'll post strains and nute info. Also a mini auto grow outside for seeds. I got 3 males 3 females.
  6. cgkone

    Critical Kush

    These two are 3 days from 8 weeks. They will sit outside till they are soil dry then harvest. This is my 3rd ck grow in a row. It's excellent for medical and does produce a high yield as advertised. Cbd in the 1.8-2percent range and you feel it. Perfect for the patient with anxiety issues...
  7. cgkone

    Nanner seeds

    I got a nanner problem on a remote grow...well I'm not that mad 20seeds per plant and 30 grams a plant are these seeds unstable. It's all really excellent pot blue Maui ,707, and 2 shock shark.....the light was too close and it got warm...no light leaks. I hear different things about nanner...
  8. cgkone


    if u did not see them out door this year you will next year, safer 3-1,dr doom,aza max evey three days for two weeks, cycle each. first one then the other and so on. it cures them.
  9. cgkone

    drooping at 10th hour

    plants droop at 10th hour of light on....really weird, not over or under water im starting from seed in soil its two different strains out of 5 plnts in 3gal pot plant are in 3rd daY OF flower and have been doing it since week three. I vedged for 5 weeks plants are 1foot tall temps are 78 and...
  10. cgkone

    brownish buds

    here and there on my out door plants some of the new bud(about three weeks into flower) are brownish and tight as opposite of white and cottonballish , any ideas..... its on both the indicas and sativas but not on all plants
  11. cgkone

    medical strains

    is there anything different when growing a egual cbn/thc plant compared to the normal plant growing protocol.
  12. cgkone

    auto flower

    the best light cycle four auto flowers?
  13. cgkone

    Wax and Hash

    can you make wax with unflushed weed
  14. cgkone

    Unflushed weed

    I know with bubble hash you cant tell if the weed isn't flushed but what about making wax will you be able to tell that the weed isn't flushed if you make wax with broken branches of un flushed weed
  15. cgkone


    when checking the trichs to determine if a plant is ready to harvest, should I look right on the bud, or choose a small leaf near the bud
  16. cgkone

    Humbolt Honey

    anybody ever use honey humbolt es?
  17. cgkone


    how many nods should be left when taking a clone
  18. cgkone

    Hybrid flowring time

    how do I estimate my hybrids flowering time.
  19. cgkone

    Seed start

    can I flower from seed after 3 weeks the same way I do from clones
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