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  1. Premiumbudzblondie

    PremiumBudzBlondie's Coco +Speed Auto Fem Grow, 2020

    -Strain: +Speed Auto Fem -Hybrid -Veg stage -1ST Day in Veg -Indoor -Closet 4'x3'x7' (Using 3x3 of it) -Coco -70% coco 30% perilite -5 Gallon Fabric Pot -MARS Hydro 1000TS -No vents in Closet -Avg 79°F -Avg 45% RH -Soil pH 6.6 -No Pest -Giving Nutes at 1/4 dose in AM and water in PM (1/2 cup...
  2. Premiumbudzblondie

    First Time Grower

    Hello , I am a first time grower and just getting my feet wet. I have been doing lots of research and watching grow journals. Nothing compared to the hands on experience but everything helps alittle. Just wanted to say hello to everyone and look forward to getting to meet alot of you and see all...
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