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  1. Smokin Js

    Click N Hit Self Lighting Pipe

    View image in gallery You can smoke it in a house. You can smoke it with a mouse. You can smoke it in a box. You can smoke it with a fox. You can smoke it here, or there. You can smoke it anywhere! The Click N Hit self lighting pipe is one of its kind, making smoking on the go easier than...
  2. Smokin Js

    Music & A WaterTest

  3. Smokin Js

    Quality, Affordable Glass from Smokin Js

    We've got everything you need for a smokin lifestyle. American made glass, vapes, smoking accessories, hippie fashion, tapestries, and more! Use coupon code: LEAF at checkout for 15% off your purchase. Good now through 07/31/15. Free shipping on orders over $100! Fast and discrete shipping.
  4. Smokin Js

    Solar Rips

    The suns been working overtime this week, so we decided to take advantage of it.
  5. Smokin Js

    Olympia Hempfest 2015

    We are excited to announce that we will have a booth at the Olympia Hempfest this year! This will be our first out-of-store event. If any of you are in the area, we would love to see you so be sure to stop by and check it out! Olympia Hempfest will be in Olympia, WA at Capitol Lake July...
  6. Smokin Js

    Yocan Ultron Portable E-nail Review

    We absolutely love the Yocan Ultron Portable E-nail! We were able to get Josh behind the camera to give you the run-down, along with some helpful tips and tricks. Check it out! Only $79.99 Yocan Ultron Portable E-nail - Smokin Js
  7. Smokin Js

    WaterTest Music Video

    This seemed the most likely place to post this.
  8. Smokin Js

    How to Clean Your Water Pipe

    Aric from Smokin Js shares tips and tricks to cleaning a water pipe using Gack Attack Pipe Cleaning Kit and Orange Chronic Liquid Cleaner.
  9. Smokin Js

    Click N Hit Tips & Tricks

    The Click N Hit Self Lighting Pipe is one of our favorites. It's the most convenient pipe you'll ever own. But there are some special tricks that might you out. The perfect toy for summer. Only $22.99 and available in the black, blue, and red. We offer fast and discrete shipping all over the...
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