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    I’m kinda proud of these girls

    I’m usually not bragish, but I’m kinda proud of these gals. She’s been in flower about 65 days now, and she’s got a good 20 days to go, but she’s a fine lookin long flower Sativa. Michigan State colors. Green and white. Lol This batch was worth the wait. Good uniform buds all down the stalk...
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    Getting closer

    Two 12 week strains. The more “foxtail” looking bud is Laughing Buddha and the rounder bud is Glookies (Sativa Pheno) I’m thinking 3 more weeks.
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    Covid Observation About CO2

    I’ve always run co2 throughout my grow, but due to covid and not wanting to run to the grow shop for tanks, I did a run without and was surprised by the results. My crop did better with lower temps and no added co2. Now when I say lower temps, I mean substantially lower temps. With co2...
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    4 weeks from 12/12 switch

    Barney’s farm laughing Buddha at 4 weeks from light switch. This is a heavily sativa dominant long flowering strain. All of 8 weeks to go. I’ve grown this a number of cycles now. Although a long flower time, it yields surprisingly well. It’s not an overpowering strain, it’s much more a...
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    Help with diagnosis

    Leaf pic attached. This is occurring in veg. What it’s not: temps, light burn, nutrient burn, or PH. it also didn’t appear to be a fungus (at least I can’t see anything under a scope) It’s an organic soil grow (M3 water only soil) I’ve had great luck with the soil for a couple years, but I’m...
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    Laughing Buddha, Barney’s Farm

    Nice yield, but a long wait. A very old school sativa smoke
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    Finally ripe

    The pics aren’t great, and the yields aren’t exceptional, but this is a near pure Thai at 14 weeks.
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    Looks can be deceiving

    This zero bag appeal fluffy foxtail bud is perhaps the best weed I’ve ever grown. it’s a Hawaiian Sativa. Long flowering, ultra stretchy plant. But the buzz is wow. True one hit weed. All head, energetic high. Go figure
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    G13 Haze

    Still has 6 weeks to go. Very fox tailed sativa growth pattern. Big stretch, long internodes. Hardly any fan leaves, it dropped them right after the stretch. Bottom buds are developing fine. Very sugary already. Won’t be a heavy yielder, but might be really good smoke. We’ll see....
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    Laughing Buddha

    This is laughing Buddha (Barney’s farm). it’s supposed to be a 12 week Sativa. This is end of 6 weeks. Lol surprisingly short and compact for a sativa. I’m finding it hard to believe it’ll go 12 weeks, though it’s certainly no where near “ripe” yet.
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    Laughing Buddha

    This is Laughing Buddha from seed at 5 weeks from showing pistols. I’m really surprised at how full it is this early fir a 12 week strain.
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    This looks promising

    This is Laughing Buddha by Barney’s Farm. This is end of week 4 of flower. I’m amazed at the development on what’s supposed to be a 12 week strain. Surprisingly short for an 80% sativa as well. if I can keep it alive 7 more weeks, we might just have something
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    Laughing Buddha

    Has anyone grown this stain out? This is my first grow with this strain from seed. I’ve got questions. Lol This plant is about 14 days into flower. It’s an 80% sativa, and it’s just not stretching, which surprises me. Does this strain do one of those “slow stretch for most of flowering”...
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    Pretty sparkly

    Wish I had a better camera, but you get the idea
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    3 Strain Grow

    Filling the flower tent today. I’ll post pics soon. 4x8 tent Organic 10 gallon pots (M3 s Fluence Spydr LED, 1700 PPFD Co2 supplemented All the environmental goodies. I normally scrog, but I’m running a couple new strains from seed plants and don’t want multiple strains under a screen. So...
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    Co2 and ripening time

    I’m currently growing Glookies, which has taken a good 10 weeks to finish in my previous grows. This time around, the scope says it’s done at 8 weeks. The only difference in the grow this time was that I cut co2 to ambient levels after the stretch. (Because of shelter in place and grow shops...
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    Looks promising

    3 weeks to go...
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    Early Frost

    4 weeks since 12/12, nice early frost on a 12 week strain
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    Cal mag?

    Any thoughts on this pic? Looks like cal mag to me, but is there an alternative problem that I’m not thinking of? Plants have been given cal mag almost every feeding. I’m about 3 weeks into flower. Soil grow, no ph issues.
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    The stretch

    From this to this in 13 days of 12/12
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