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  1. WifeInTheDark

    What's wrong with this fan leaf?

    Okay thank you so much for the help and fast responses. I was just worried they were getting excessive phosphorous from the ph down, thanks for the reassurance :)
  2. WifeInTheDark

    What's wrong with this fan leaf?

    Hey so, How exactly would i go about lowering the amount of phosphorous i give them if i need the phosphoric acid to lower the ph of my water? I do not want to poison them with an excess of phosphorous but they need water and it comes out of my tap at 8.6-9.0...... what should i do??
  3. WifeInTheDark

    PH adjusting for selective nutrition?

    Hi I have a few plants that i've been told have too much phosphorous, but my natural water from taps is almost 9.0!, and my ph down is 85% phosphoric acid.......see my problem? so I saw this nifty little chart; , And i thought, If I lowered the ph to about 6.0, technically wouldn't they be...
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  5. WifeInTheDark

    What's wrong with this fan leaf?

    I usually skip every 2nd watering on the nutes. Ok thank you for the help everyone, I appreciate it. Happy growing :high-five: :lot-o-toke:
  6. WifeInTheDark

    What's wrong with this fan leaf?

    They are actually all together under my diy system . 8 100w, 2700k cfls, with big baking tins over it concentrating the light down, with all the bulbs at the same level and distance away from each other. I also have a mirror off to one side to provide light towards the middle foilage and an...
  7. WifeInTheDark

    What's wrong with this fan leaf?

    the temps run between 75F -79F, and the humidity stays around 50, and I use ph`d water of 6.5, (I use a phosphoric based ph down thats 80% strength, and use about 4 drops per gallon to get my ph down from about 8.6). The first 2 pictures are from the same plant as the first picture I posted...
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  13. WifeInTheDark

    What's wrong with this fan leaf?

    Thank you for your input, i have flushed recently, I always use ph'd water and let the soil dry out completely between watering. The mag deficiency was fixed with cal-mag, and should no longer be an issue. I have also recently treated for thrips, fungus gnats etc, run off generally runs clear...
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  16. WifeInTheDark

    What's wrong with this fan leaf?

    Hi i have a plant that is showing strange leaf problems, one of it's lower fan leaves is very sick and discolored. It is in potting mix under 200w 2700k, i use cal-mag, and 2-7-7 npk nutes and feed 6.5 ph water, here are some pics of the leaves. What's wrong with my leaf?
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