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    Why do my buds smell like hay?

    hey 420 folks, grew a couple norther lights autos and the buds smell nice while on the plant but when I take one off, after a couple of days it smells like hay, not very enticing for smoke. Does this happen with all varieties and will the nice sensi smell return after a cure? thanks for any...
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    Need Autoflower assistance

    on nutes for auto's, i run full recommended and only burn em when i drop ph and unlock stored nutes in soil. might cut back only a smidge. been usin either mg or superthrive for veg then kmart super bloom or ff big blm, ff needs to be stirred when mixed and just before feeding and throw out the...
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    Q about growing autoflower

    more hours of light the better for yield. 14 10 good enough 12 12 stunts.
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    What are preflowers?

    im having the same thing with a nl auto. she's on day 43 or 44 in full flower and looks done 40 percent of pistols are turning brown or reddish but there's still a couple down the plant that are white and healthy, what did you figure out, think im gonna chop her this weekend.
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    Do I Need Fertilizer? Outdoors

    what up, tks for ur reply, picked up a small bottle of superthrive. hope I have some luck with that. thanks again. had a little luck with a nl auto not sure which no# and gota akr tryin to bloom. also ordered fox frm suprblm. get it in a day or two. all fictional, just for fun.;}
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    What is the best way to dry and preserve the cure for smooth, sweet buds?

    what variety r u plantn? I started with north light ruderalis and ogkush ruderalis, which are autoflower types and small but cool.
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    Need help or growing 101

    hey queenie how ya doin? i'm still at it. got a few small girls goin now hope things work out ok. hope ur well.
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    How Much will it Cost to Run my Light?

    hey doc, my actual question was what do you think about 250 watt blue n red clf's cause that's all I can afford and can accomodate heat wise at the moment. I am also supplementing the seedlings with a couple hours actual daylight outside. thanks for your time.
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    How Much will it Cost to Run my Light?

    hi, i'm lost, but need to ask what someone thinks about 250 watt cfl's cause that's what im gonna have to go with for veg and flower. the economy. thanks for any words of wisdom.:MoreNutes:
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    More questions sorry bear with me

    hey folks, have a cigar it's three baby girls, cause they're femmd auto. nice. happy.
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    More questions sorry bear with me

    what's the name of that community? maybe i'll check em out.
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    Do I Need Fertilizer? Outdoors

    Re: Do I Need Fertilizer? (Outdoors) thanks for the info blazer, gonna try mg though, about 50/50 potting and garden soil with perlite, havent got coco stuff yet but in future. decided i need to stay in. got 2 tap roots yesterday and expect 2 more today for a total of 4 which is probably too...
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    New Journal Start Date Today March 21, 2012

    ok so herbie came through. put 2 northern light seed in one blue solo cup and put 2 afghan kush ryder in another blue cup room temp water. possible 4 viable plants, rather expensive rascals.:goodjob:
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    How Do I Tie Down My Outdoor Plant?

    wow dude that's awsome, so you did that just by tying down each main branch or cola?
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    Do I Need Fertilizer? Outdoors

    Re: Do I Need Fertilizer? (Outdoors) what's everybody think about good ol miracle gro potting mix and garden soil ?
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    KidKind's Germination Technique

    thanks for keepin up on your history bud. appreciate it. have a good day.
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    KidKind's Germination Technique

    hey man another guy on here it may be on this guide sheet said dont worry about the floaters its normal and dont try to force them down, what up?
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    150w HPS Closet Grow, early topping

    hi, how ya doin? thanks for the xplnation on some things, fim, etc. are there any video's on topping around here anywhere. thanks have a good one.:peace:
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