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  1. bigblunts209

    Bigblunts209's First Outdoor Grow

    What strain is it? 5xGDP 5xSFV OG 5xGRAPE APE 5xMONSTER COOKIES Is it in Veg or Flower stage? They are currently in veg If in Veg... For how long? on their 4th week If in Flower stage... For how long? N/A Indoor or outdoor? Outdoor Soil or Hydro? Soil i like to use happy frog If soil...
  2. bigblunts209

    Bigblunts209's 2000 Watt Dual Ended HPS Grow

    So i decided to start a new journal i got a 10 x 5 space going with a scrog after a little bit of topping planing on veg for 2 weeks and start flowering on oct 1 harvest at the end of nov. right now i have them under one light until i get my tent then i will run both lights at 600watts for...
  3. bigblunts209

    Hash Bomb Scrog

    600 watt hps hydrofarm radiant hood 3'x20" grow tent blue planet nutrients 2 part a&b blue planet nutrients seaweed blue lant nutrients cal mag big bud from advanced nutrients bud candy from advanced nutrients voodoo juice advanced nutrients roots excelurator from house&garden...
  4. bigblunts209

    THC Bomb - Hash Bomb - Sweet Purple

    anyone ever grown these strains before? just ordered some planing on making mothers out of them:thumb: Seed Bank: Bomb Type: Regular/Feminized £2.88 per seed $4.33 Regular£2.88$4.33 Feminized£7.70$11.58 Regular x10£28.80$43.31 Feminized x10£77.00$115.80 Marijuana Seeds Information THC...
  5. bigblunts209

    1000 Watt 2L Hempy Perpetual SOG

    :welcome: Im starting a perpetual sog this sunday (FEB 17). No veg time straight to flower from clone. I got 1 og kush mom 1 trainwreck mom 1 big bud mom ill be taking clones from all three for my sog. im using 2part Blue plant nutrients. superthrive. bud candy. molasses...
  6. bigblunts209

    1000watt hps sog max plants?

    how many plants can i fit? what size containers? what would i expect to yeild?
  7. bigblunts209

    High Temp Help Please?

    i have a high temp problem when lights are on i have a small 5in fan that usually runs across all the plants but i moved it down to the ground to blow air up and i have a big fan blowing in to keep the temp down to 86-88 F i want to keeps temps lower during night too please help!
  8. bigblunts209

    Closet grow first time Help?

    so i got 3 gdp clones in 4gallon buckets and 3 random seeds about 1 1/2 weeks in. they are under a supercharged t8 fluorescent and 4 x 100w equivalent cfls. im on a budget so i put foil on the wall behind them. i have one 5 in fan blowing across all the plants. i need any tips on making this...
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