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    Pre Employment drug test - Newbie question

    With that said, if you have 4 days, you can buy synthetic piss online, which comes with a money back guarantee most times, and those come with a temp gauge on the side so you know you're solid. I think they advise that you microwave it and im pretty sure they give a time frame before it hits...
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    Pre Employment drug test - Newbie question

    The sub method is probably your best bet, just practice with the actual clothes youre going to wear and see how long you can maintain the temp between 90-100. Of course, if it comes back diluted, they will usually just retest you, buying you time. However, the sub method, especially if youre...
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    Obscure Experience with Labcorp Test

    So i decided to go with the sub method, worked for me flawlessly before. Went through the same procedure, only when i got into the room they wanted about 4-5 oz and i had about 2. Ive been clean over two weeks where i smoked for a 4 day span, dirt weed, and before that i was clean for about...
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