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  1. ChronicKid007

    Leaks in hydroponic setup

    Hey everyone. This is literally my third attempt at building an RDWC. The first two times I used bulkhead fittings, and this time I’m using Uniseals and PVC pipe. Once about 6 gallons of water makes it in the buckets, the leaks begin. I’m considering using some sort of waterproofer, but I really...
  2. ChronicKid007

    Undercurrent hydro setup

    Hey everyone! I’m back, getting ready for another season of growing. This go round I’m going to try undercurrent hydroponic. The caption below is the setup I imagine. The orange tube comes out of the first bucket and is pumped back into the reservoir. The bottom of the buckets will be...
  3. ChronicKid007

    ChronicKid's White Widow Auto: Soil, 600W LED, 2nd Grow

    Hey everyone. So, I'm way behind with posting about this grow, but I'll give you the gist so that you can pull up a stool and scope it out. Brief rundown: 2 W.W. autos from Seedsman seeds. I upgraded this grow to a 3x3x6 tent, but am still using my 600w LED with flower and veg options. One girl...
  4. ChronicKid007

    Possible rust? Expert opinion please.

    I looked through the typical issues thread and could not decide what the problem is. I am leaning towards rust, because I had issues with my filter and left the exhaust fan off for a few days and only had inside fans blowing. But I also think it could be a pH issue. Any thoughts? I plucked the...
  5. ChronicKid007

    First Grow! So Very Excited To Share The Progress Day By Day

    This is my first grow, as my last one ended in February 2016 about 5 days in. Supplies: - 2x2x4 tent - 600 watt Viparspectra LED lamp with veg and flower functions - 4 inch inline fan with a giant filter - Two 4 inch clip-on fans from the dollar store - 1 Unknown seed - 3 gallon round fabric...
  6. ChronicKid007

    Blueberry 420 First Grow

    Good afternoon ladies and gents, Today marks my first entry in my first journal for my first grow. :) Supplies: General Hydroponics pH Control Kit MoonCity 3-in-1 Soil Moisture, Light and pH / acidity Meter Plant Tester Indoor Digital Thermometer and Humidity Monitor Fox Farm 12Qt Ocean Forest...
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