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    Plant problems

    Good afternoon everyone I am experiencing a few issues with my plants and was wondering if anyone could shed some light on. The first issue may be what is leading to the second issue. Issue 1 when I mix my nutes this is what I have tried. 1 gallon water room temperature, I then add the pure...
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    Leaves curling claw like drying and crispy tips

    Hi everyone, 1 week ago tomorrow we feed our girl her 2nd dose of full strength nutrients and we also topped her and lowe red the light to 22 iniches above canopy (as she was enjoyin the light at that leven hefore toping her. Since then a bunch of her leaves are curling downwards and the tips...
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    My first grow indoors

    Hello everyone, This is my first run at an indoor plant. I have attached pictures to try to show my issue. First I hope this is a female, only time will tell. So "she" is 4 weeks in dirt today and I am starting to notice some issues, the first issue is some drooping, along with some leaf...
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