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    Why do my buds smell like hay?

    hey 420 folks, grew a couple norther lights autos and the buds smell nice while on the plant but when I take one off, after a couple of days it smells like hay, not very enticing for smoke. Does this happen with all varieties and will the nice sensi smell return after a cure? thanks for any...
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    New Journal Start Date Today March 21, 2012

    ok so herbie came through. put 2 northern light seed in one blue solo cup and put 2 afghan kush ryder in another blue cup room temp water. possible 4 viable plants, rather expensive rascals.:goodjob:
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    More questions sorry bear with me

    can anyone tell me how long it might take to recieve a product shipped from herbies in the uk. Also if they have nice stuff. Then if not who might be reliable for f1 rice seed, and ships in us. All help greatly appreciated. :thumb:
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    hello from a new guy here

    hi everyone, guys n gals. they made me do this, just kidds. I'm new here.. wow is there ever a huge amount info an really great info. I do appreciate the folks who take the time to continually keep helping new guyz n galz. anyway here i am at last.. I'm quite paranoid so not ready to say...
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