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  1. Justin Goody

    420 Magazine's Official Girl Scout Cookies Comparative Grow By Justin Goody

    Welcome Growers to my 420 Magazine Sponsored Comparative Grow featuring Girl Scout Cookies FEM seeds by @Weed Seeds Express, and featuring other great sponsors. *If you'd like to JOIN this comparative grow, go here to find out how...
  2. Justin Goody

    Justin Goody's Sponsored Journal: Featuring NextLight & Dope Seeds Gelato & Zkittlez

    Welcome Friends & Fellow Growers to my 2021 sponsored grow, Featuring The @NextLight Core, with Genetics by @Dope-Seeds.com & Blackskull. This is my first opportunity to do a sponsored grow as a staff member here, and I want to cover everything I can from unboxing until harvest. Please join me...
  3. Justin Goody

    Goody's Dessert On Mars: Blueberry & GSC Autos, Sponsored By Weedseedsexpress & Featuring MarsHydro

    Welcome friends and fellow growers to my first ever sponsored grow journal, starring: and Containers: 3 gallon Light: @Mars Hydro TS1000 Soil: Promix and 25% Perlite, mosquito bits. Nutrients: Superthrive, MegaCrop, Purpinator, Cal-mag if needed, Tapwater. Strains: Blueberry, Girl Scout...
  4. Justin Goody

    Stocking Up For The Apocalypse: Goody's Perpetual Grow By The Beach 2020

    I am lucky enough to live in a place with a decent outdoor growing season, and enough room inside to grow all year. In Washington, having a medical card will allow you to grow several plants, depending on what the Doctor says you need. Mine says 14, which is the max for our county. I find that...
  5. Justin Goody

    Anyone have experience with Alder Flea Beetles?

    These guys are currently invading the entire Pacific Northwest, and crawling on everything near us. They eat alder and poplar trees and according to my reading, young vegetables. Wondering if anyone has had a problem with these eating their crop? The picture doesn’t show it real well but it’s...
  6. Justin Goody

    13goody13's PNW Indoor LED vs Outdoor Grow: Tangerine Dream AF & Gorilla Glue AF

    Using up the rest of my seeds, and definitely ready to explore some different seed companies and newer, more exciting strains. For now I figured I could try a comparison grow using the @carcass favorite budget Oneo LED indoors, and the great Pacific Northwest natural sunlight to grow outdoors. I...
  7. Justin Goody

    First Ever Auto Grow: Tangerine Dream, Partial Journal Days 36-71

    Apologies this is my first journal and the grow is already done, I just wanted to show the few pics I have of the final weeks of the plant. Tangerine Dream- Sativa Dominant (30% Indica) feminized autoflower. Various Pics taken during flower stage, days 36-71 Indoor Veg for 18 Days 20/4, Flower...
  8. Justin Goody

    Stuck inside in Seattle: happy to be on here sharing!

    Glad to be a part of the community. I'm lucky enough to have been shown the way with megacrop and have one of my first plants finishing this weekend. After growing for 25 years using every method known to man (as well as every product) I almost feel dumb about how easy this was. Thank you...
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