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  1. Indyhooligan

    Wall Locker Grow Ideas

    243 views and only one comment?! lol!!! I find that hard to believe!!!
  2. Indyhooligan

    Wall Locker Grow Ideas

    So In the spirit of nostalgia (and my resourcefulness on Craigslist) I acquired 2 military wall lockers CHEAP. They were the same exact wall lockers I used in the barracks when I was a young Marine so it was destiny. lol!!! Anyway.... I've only grown on a large scale when I lived in San...
  3. Wall Locker Open 2

    Wall Locker Open 2

  4. Wall Locker Open

    Wall Locker Open

    The belly of the beast.
  5. Wall Locker Closed

    Wall Locker Closed

    I'm sure some of you remember these. lol
  6. Top Space

    Top Space

    This is the area above the locker. It's about 12' or so. I'm going to, either, build a false enclosure around it or put a 27gal tote and run my ducting through it into the ceiling( saw this in a friends plastic cabinet grow and it seemed to work great).
  7. Wall Locker Pics

    Wall Locker Pics

  8. Shelf-Ventilation close-up

    Shelf-Ventilation close-up

  9. Shelf Depth

    Shelf Depth

  10. Shelf-Ventilation


    This is a 6'' but will probably use 4'' since there will be a considerable size difference in the Can filters.
  11. Prop Chamber Height

    Prop Chamber Height

  12. Wall Locker Depth

    Wall Locker Depth

  13. Intake


  14. AeroGarden Extra

    AeroGarden Extra

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