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    Does anyone know what will happen if I grow quality hybrids in the spring Hawaiian outdoors? Our summer's are very long. However don't hybrids have a internal clock that makes them flower also? Normally these mind strains are planted in the fall and first harvest is about November. This...
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    Long Hawaiian summers

    Aloha, I am currently 2 months into my grow. Outdoors Hawaiian style. I have planted hybrids from regular and feminized seeds. I know from experience that hybrids like Northern Lights will continue to flower till May. Does anybody know what will happen when growing hybrids thru the.long...
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    Summertime Blues

    Aloha, All my growing has been with regular seeds and outdoors Hawaiian. Growing up in Hawaii I remember we we grew the old Hawaiian Strains which was Sativas. We planted them in the summer and these plants grew into the next year. They grew Over 6 months, 7-8-9 months. Summer was massive...
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    Hawaiian summer

    Aloha I have not grown any marijuana in over 10 years. But I tell you, buying weed here on Oahu is getting expensive. Just about 2 regular joints for $20.00. And the product these days and for years now is commercial indoor stuff. That's a shame living here in Hawaii. I live on Oahu where...
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    Long Hawaiian summers

    Aloha, I have not grown in 10 years. And now I have a secure place to grow. I will grow outdoors Hawaiian style. Yes I remember growing from regular seeds. Always Sept thru April is our season for budding colas. Summer months plants can get into major vegetative state for months. Old...
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    Aloha everybody, I am new to this site and thought it would be a good idea to register because I started ordering seeds again and research has made me aware of crop king seeds. On the site it did lead me to 420magazine. Aloha
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