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    2nd grow - New problems v2 - Update - Help

    SWIM thanks you for the suggestions! upon further research there is an assassin bug ( good for killing other bugs ) and im not sure what that tiny spider is/// looks like a mite potentially..
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    2nd grow - New problems v2 - Update - Help

    SWIM has new discoveries and is looking for insight. SWIM understands that their plant is beautiful and far from destroyed. SWIM understands that they are overly paranoid. ( of bugs and anonymity ) SWIM is looking for all advice, help, suggestions ETC. (peanut gallery excluded) HISTORY...
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    2nd grow - New problems - Help

    SWIM loves you guys lol
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    2nd grow - New problems - Help

    haha the entire post wasn't like that until someone realized maybe they shouldn't speak in first person.... who knows.. in reality its no big deal whatsoever im sure... its a single plant.
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    2nd grow - New problems - Help

    haha yeah this is some of my first times posting about this stuff so i figured SWIM would do the trick. Greatly appreciated! It's a fully outdoor plant started from seed. The cotyledons and first true leaves were very weird .... deformed.. spindly..... the plant actually topped ITSELF after the...
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    2nd grow - New problems - Help

    It's an outdoor plant that comes inside at night / depending on the weather. Ill have to check that product out though thank you for the insight, the positive feedback is appreciated.
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    2nd grow - New problems - Help

    Hey there so this is SWIMS 2nd time at it ever, last year SWIM had minor almost non-issues and this year SWIM have some new ones. I think SWIM found thrips on their plant and are really annoyed by them. SWIM has some insecticide but if SWIM really want to find the thrips, they have to be very...
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