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    Immature high

    Guys I dunno if this is the right forum but it seemed it would fit in a few different forums so here goes, I'm totally new to growing but recently I thought i'd give it a go so I bought some Mexican Sativa seeds as I like the cerebral high off Sativa and planted them and out of ten seeds I got...
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    Hello from the u.k.

    Hi guys just dropped in to say hello seems like a nice place to be, I'm totally new to growing so be gentle! lol I've been reading the forums for a few weeks now and i'm amazed at how much there is to learn but I'm sure now i've come to the right place! It feels really good to be here:thumb:
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    Extraction with cfls?

    :thumb: Hi guys this is my first post so go easy eh? I'm completely new to this growing altogether and at the moment I have a few Mexican sativa plants going in my greenhouse and they seem to be ok although they're starting to get big they are around 4 feet tall and rising lol I've been reading...
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