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  1. Grayhawk

    Third Set to be Planted - BlackJack Seeds

    BlackJack •Black Domino/Jock Horror hybrid. •Hard buds with huge, grape-like calyxes. •Exceptionally long-lasting high. •Highly-thought-of medical strain. Inducing a very potent and long-lasting high, our BlackJack is not for the faint of heart. With killer genetics, the strain has a firm...
  2. Grayhawk

    Hmmm - You tell me what you think

    This is a bag seed from a very good herbs. I thought it was iron diff. but im not sure now. I ran mag/cal and iron threw the plant. for over 2 weeks now. given them a dose every 4-5 days. Looks great color, very distinguish markings in the leaves, bottom half looks normal. dirt good pH...
  3. Grayhawk

    Bubblelicious strain

    Bubblelicious strain Its plants grow vigorously and finish flowering in about 8 to 10 weeks. Bubblelicious is highly resinous and extra sweet. Certain phenotypes will actually display a distinct pink bubblegum scent and flavor. This strain of cannabis seeds is also very suitable for medical...
  4. Grayhawk

    Grow a strain with 8-10 weeks flowering

    Have a question. from birth to veg stage. how long should it be. Is it however long I want. what the strain documents says. 8-10 flowering. is it till the flowering stage. or that should be how long it will be until bud stage. someone clear this up for me. Bubblelicious 8-10 weeks...
  5. Grayhawk

    Grayhawk Bubblelicious Second Set - CFLs

    Well started my second set of first time growing. Yep a new person. Anyway i have 3 seeds left of Bubblelicious strain from nirvana shop. First set grew tall and into flowering stage and from great help here and a lot of questions what, how, when, i come to realize just let them grow and crop...
  6. Grayhawk

    What should i do in flowering stage?

    I have Bubblicious strain that is in 2 gallon pot, 5ft tall with 1/2 buds and lower half of the plant as you can see is thin. not much leaves smaller buds. I am using CFLs 9 total. 800 lumens each. Plant is healthy. I am only 25 days into flowering. I should have 7-9 weeks of flowering. ? do I...
  7. Grayhawk

    First Grow CFLs in Dark Room

    :cheer2:Bubble-lishes strain 9 CFLS 24x24x56 dark room. :welcome:
  8. Grayhawk

    Bubblelishes strain CFLS

    Bubblishes Strain CLFs in darkroom day 21 flowering stage. 2 females in same box. 24x24x56 6 double cfls lights with 2 on bottom section of plants
  9. Grayhawk

    First Ever Grow Journal

    First Grow, Flowering stage Bubblelishes strain. Hybrid flowering day 21. I started buying seeds because thru my area I live, it is very hard to get what I need to help save my own live. I suffer from Barrettes with Hernia on top of my stomach pushing on my heart and lungs. I would...
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