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  1. copperrein

    pH rising in coco drip system using citric acid

    Hello coco comrades! Sweet jesus someone throw me a brain wave because I'm at the stage where panic overtakes cool logic: I have crafted a very neat tiny 3-bucket drip system. Think Red Green meets Ricky and Julian growing in a 2x4. The whole point of this system is so I can run coco-perlite...
  2. copperrein

    Copperrein's Sponsored BESTVA LED & Homegrown Cannabis Co Triathlon Of Sativa

    Ohai there! Before I start my normal manic rambling, let me get the details out of the way: I'll be growing 3 plants in a homebrewed drip/kratky system. The system consists of three 5 gallon buckets from my old DWC set up. They hold 6" net pots in the lid and through the bottom I've set 2" PVC...
  3. copperrein

    Thinking about building a drip system

    Currently I have a very basic DWC two-5 gallon system. I feel like drip is going to be my next adventure. I'm about to start a 3 plant grow in a 2x4 tent. Searching for a low-profile reservoir to sit my buckets on top of and found this: It's 15" x 48" I figure I can take some 3/4" ply...
  4. copperrein

    Normal for Sour Diesel?

    This is my first time growing this strain. I'm not sure if that leaf curl is normal or if I'm causing stress in my plant. I dropped these on February 26th. FFOF with a little Geo Flora veg and some rapid rooter. Well water with .4 to .7 starting EC not buffered. Aside from the curl she and the...
  5. copperrein

    Harvesting based on green bud in a dry herb vaporizer?

    So my man was ding donging about when's the new stuff in the tent is gonna be ready so I plucked a budlette and popped it in my vape. BOOOM...it's so freaking good. Glorious taste and the most even energy. It put us to floating through the rest of the evening. My question is: if I harvest now...
  6. copperrein

    My first hash ball

    Not sure if this is even good hash but it's mine and I'm proud of it. It tastes like candy heaven and smells like dry exotic spice. Finishes with an almost too lemony smell/flavor with a little pine. Sorta like lemon and pine wood cleaners. >.> I think I could replace my normal breathing air...
  7. copperrein

    Larf vs Colas: Potency?

    So I've finally built up a fair tolerance and can smoke an entire preroll without immediately timewarping and couchlocking (woo! adulting!). As I'm making my way through last year's grow I think I'm noticing that when I smoke material from the main stems (quadlined) I feel it a lot faster than...
  8. copperrein

    Found a new use for cannabis coconut oil: Saffron Milk

    Saffron milk is a thing in many places and it's delicious. If you don't have saffron, cardamom, cinnamon, tumeric (even a pinch of Chinese 5-Spice powder will work) WONT BE THE SAME....but you'll have something cozy and alluring to drink. Get yourself some hot milk, scald temps (just where it...
  9. copperrein

    Trim critique please

    I'm trying to tidy up some colas for photos. What's the best finished style? Tight no sugar or some small sugar leaves here and there poking out from the flowers? When is a nug no longer a nug? Is an entire cola a nug?
  10. copperrein

    'Back to top' or floating notifications bar?

    Forgive me if this is a setting I've missed. Can the forums get either a 'back to top' button at the bottom of every thread page OR a second/floating notification menu? Please? It gets tedious to read through a whole page of someone's journal and get to the bottom only to have to scroll all...
  11. copperrein

    Copperrein's Summer 2021 Outdoor Soil Grow

    I've got butterflies! 12 plants in homemade soil. Soil will be made as soon as the snow leaves my various compost and poop piles. Starting with 25/25/50 last year's soil, peat, and my own normal compost (all vegetable matter with a little horse poo smattered about the mix) From there I'll be...
  12. copperrein

    Moving from recreational personal to micro-commercial in Michigan?

    I give away a lot of what I grow, mostly as RSO for a few older patients in the palliative stages of care for various terminal ailments. Word is sort of spreading I do this and yeah. I only get 12 plants I can grow legally at a time and I'd like to stay legal. I'm also getting a little grumpy...
  13. copperrein

    One plant, two light schedules?

    So....what if I were to start a photoperiod plant and raise it all up big and strong, and what if I then isolated half the plant in a light-proof inner tent or box....and only put half of the plant into flower? Has anyone tried that? Also how many times can I take the same plant from flower to...
  14. copperrein

    Cannabis Chocolate from scratch

    This might be a little 'extra' in terms of supplies but if you can grow weed inside, you have the patience to make chocolate: There's two ways I know of to temper chocolate that have worked for me. The traditional cold slab technique and one I recently tried: Alton Brown's much easier method...
  15. copperrein

    DWC Adjusting GH Nutes In Flower To Counteract pH Drop

    Blueberry Cookies (Mostly Indica) Have two plants, only one plant is affected Day 19 of flower in a Vivosun 2x4 tent. 5 gallon DWC started in rockwool and currently residing in hydroton Using straight well water with a starting PPM of 400-ish Reservoir bopping around 62f-74f depending on day or...
  16. copperrein

    Coconut Almond Canna Clusters

    Been messing about with my dipping chocolate recipe and decided to apply my efforts to some edibles other than gummies :D
  17. copperrein

    Buds and Bees

    Meh...getting back into the swing of digital painting. I'll prolly use this on our nascent 'yuppie wine mom hobo' blog thing we're trying to get going. Weed, explosions, bees, dogs....all the important stuff
  18. copperrein

    Lights Out Smell?

    So I've noticed that about 15 minutes after my tent's lights shut off each night, I smell a really strong grassy kinda skunk smell. It's like the plants are exhaling a little something extra. Any ideas?
  19. copperrein

    Lab testing for cannabis products? Michigan

    Heyo friends and fiends! I am looking for information (any and all) on getting my tincture tested for potency, mold, residual solvent, etc. I found CSA labs and quickly realized they're in Cali and it's not quite legal yet to mail hash oil across the country (fingers crossed that'll be changing...
  20. copperrein

    Non-weed growing forum?

    Is there a place to babble about non-weed plants? Like peppers and 'maters and the like?
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