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  1. Cannagrowerled

    Cake & Chem: Reveg Starting At Day 38 At The Time Of This Post

    Hey guys were about day 38 on this big ole reveg. I didn't plan on the reveg but she came out so great I had to run her one more time. The reveg took about 4 week. When I harvested the branches last run I left the bottom popcorn nugs and leafs and tossed it under 24/0. After reg growth started I...
  2. Cannagrowerled

    Two Enlite ceres 780w in a 4x8

    Hey guys. Ordered 2 of these enlite ceres 780w cor my 4x8 as I really wanted to start kicking it up. I will be buying a 20lb co2 bottle and reg/controller etc this week or next. Anyways. Anyone else here running these? If so what's a good dimmer for them?
  3. Cannagrowerled

    Growing Stardawg Crosses

    Check it out guys. I will download some editing software this week. Lemme know what ya guys wanna see that most vids don't cover. Any ideas or criticism welcome. On another note I'm loving the wedding cake cross so far They were a lol droopy from the coco drying out. I will setup my watering...
  4. Cannagrowerled

    Cowboy Cookies Bred By Greenpoint Seeds

    Back at it again. Been busy lately but I'm back and plan on spending more time on here Will be germinating these today in ro water Light: 30w 6500k led for seedling than in the 660w led tent with the autos Tent: 4x8 Vivosun Medium:Coco-coir Nutes: General Hydropincs Flora Trio, CalMag...
  5. Cannagrowerled

    Peak Supply Co Cartridge & Mod

    Ordered 10 of thee xl carts and the mod for $25. Camo n today ordered 3-4 days go. Surprised on how fast the shipping was. Made some juice using shatter and the strawberry cough liquidizer. Tastes amazing and will follow up with more details as I break her in and run through these carts. Hits...
  6. Cannagrowerled

    What wrong with this bud?

    Got one or two bud on my plan like this. Any idea what is going on? Will be harvesting today. I’ll prob chop her off and toss it but what is it!?
  7. Cannagrowerled

    Auto Critical Purple In Coco Coir

    Strain: auto critical purple Breeder: growers Choice seed Tent: 4x8 Light: 600w led 4000k linear highbay Medium: coco coir 2.5gal Just moistened the coco and threw in the seeds. Going to pick these in the pots instead of paper towels
  8. Cannagrowerled

    2 Auto Tangerine Dreams In CocoCoir

    And here we go! Lights: 600w led 4000k linear high bay Medium: coco coir in 5 gal fabric pots Will be in the 4x8 tent. I have one 5 gal pot filled with washed and buffered coco. I washed with a metal strainer and buffered in 500ppm of calmag (lil extra I know) twice for 10hrs each time. I am...
  9. Cannagrowerled

    Plants with 90+ days of veg!

    Hey guys let’s see them big old gals! Post your pic and show off your plants! Here’s mine. Cinderella 99. Vegged for 105 days and 4 days into 12/12 I’m a 5gal fabric pot with promix using GH Flora Trio and kelp
  10. Cannagrowerled

    Buying cannabis stocks during the dip

    Hey guys! I’ve been swing trading stocks for a few years now. So much fun. With the sars-cov-2 running amuck across the globe and markets halting now is the time to buy. I own some Canopy Growth, Trulieve Cannabis and Aurora Cannabis. And of course others spread across multiple Industries and...
  11. Cannagrowerled

    Auto Solo Cup Challenge anyone?

    How would anyone like to join me in an auto solo cup challenge? Got Tangerine Dream Auto & Critical Purple Auto and looking for a reason to pop one lol
  12. Cannagrowerled

    What is this pest?

    Seems to only be on the fabric pot and top soil. I have not seen any on the leaves or branches. What are these? They come out when I water. If I spray them with insecticidal soap they run into the pot. Slow moving. Doesn’t jump.
  13. Cannagrowerled

    Moby Dick XXL & Quick One Auto Grow

    Strain: moby dick xxl, quick one Medium: promix Tent: 4x8 shared Light: 600w shared / 300w Got the moby dick xxl by dinafem and quick one by royal queen seeds. Will be growing both in Promix in the veg tent with cinderella 99 that's already growing. The will sit about 4ft under 600w draw of...
  14. Cannagrowerled

    Anyone try these XXL Autos?

    Hey guys I’m thinking of getting XXL auto flowers by Dinafem? The moby dick xxl looks amazing but I can’t make up my mind. I really like a couch lock buzz forget what I’m thinking mid thought kind of buzz lol...
  15. Cannagrowerled

    Cinderella 99 Grow

    Hey guys. Starting Cinderella 99 by Growers Choice Seeds. I’ve germinated all 5 in distilled water for 18hours and than moved them to a wet paper towel wrapped in plastic. 4 have popped and in soil. 1 is going to a buddy and I only have 4 fabric pots so I will have my 3 in fabric pots with one...
  16. Cannagrowerled

    Help me find out the strain of this bag seed

    Hey guys I’m just wondering if any of you guys can help me dig out what kinda strain this bagseed is. I veg 6 weeks from seed and almost done with week 4 of flower. Smells like diesel, old cheese, and lemons. Barely stretched during transition but she’s been stressed a lot cause my cat got in...
  17. Cannagrowerled

    Fabric Pot VS Air Pot?

    So I have fabric pots. All I’ve used besides 5gal buckets. Is it worth using the plastic air pots vs fabric pots?
  18. Cannagrowerled

    Anyone order from True North?

    Anyone ever grown these genetics/strain or ordered from here? Curious about their shipping time to the midwest and harvest weight https://www.truenorthseedbank.com/moby-dick-xxl-autoflowering-feminized-seeds-dinafem?a_id=5df5c43797c67
  19. Cannagrowerled

    What do you think about this spectrum?

    So I got this 4000k highbay led light. Draws 200w with 132lm/w and with a homemade reflector gets around 40-50k lux at 18”, about 35k Lux with no reflector. I got it for free so I’m gonna give it a go. It is super bright and 14” round. What do you guys think of this spectrum. It’s a lil low on...
  20. Cannagrowerled

    Cinderella 99 on the way

    Just ordered some Cinderella 99 from growers choice seeds last Monday. They should arrive today (Tuesday) Shipped From Cali. I’ll update with germination and will be planting all 5 in a 4x8. This is what I got. Will be getting auto critical purple or auto tangerine dream next. My first seed bank...
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