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    Opinions expertise please

    Only few days after flip, can anyone tell me anything as im interested to hear thx 420, enjoy your weekend
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    Unknown genetics aka bagseed

    Whats you opinions on putting these babies into Flower? they are 31 days old
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    Biobizz all mix

    Hey 420, anyone tell me if this is a deficiency or maybe i Spilled something on it? thx
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    Bagseeds x 3, have hatched.

    Hello, as above says got 3 bagseeds and they have takin off, yeooo☀️ help I bought few bits from garden centre Top soil - Pots and trays- Watering with water from tap, and left to to settle for 24hrs - And put few led lights together left over from a job.
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    Lusty Busty Bagseed

    Just a hello/yo fellow canaboids
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