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    The key to cooking butter without burning

    Double boil. Boil the butter/water in a pan that fits inside a slightly bigger pan full of boiling water. That way, you can cook it without worry of burning it.
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    Fixing chipped glass

    Recently I was in a head shop looking at bongs. I decided on this one to purchase, but told the guy working there I didn't even want the slide or bowl it came with. So as he proceeds to pull the slide out, the glass around that area chips.. He stares at it dumbfoundedly, and I tell him I...
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    STORY - The Sound Inside

    The faint sound played in his mind. Speeding and growing in volume as it broke into his subconsiounsness. Unable to find its mark, the heart of his mind. The trigger to reality. He was a man without sight, without understanding. A manifestation of ignorance. His body spun in a mental...
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    A stoned-out poem

    Darkening to prove Waiting to erupt Life is full of people And people are corrupt Lean in to the curve Of easyness to give Precision marks my only life And makes it hard to live Social fear on hold Watching who I will I'm shaking and I can't control Your comment makes me feel Don't...
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    Smoking with a Detached Retna

    Back in October, my dad had to have surgury due to a detached retna in one of his eyes. He had to wear a patch for a long time and hold his head down. Well, Tuesday, after it was almost healed, his retna re-detached. So he had to have some surgury today to fix it again. The thing is, he...
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    Screen or no screen?

    So what do you guys prefer? Putting a glass screen in your bowl to prevent sucking through so much, or just suck that ash into the water after the bowl is dead...? I don't have a glass screen in my bong right now, but I'm thinking about purchasing one.
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    420 Comics

    How come these don't get updated anymore? Bongy just cuts off right in the middle.
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    Picking out seeds.

    I have decided to start thinking about growing. First step is to find some good seeds, right? Well how can I tell a good seed from a bad seed? I know that if you pinch the seed with your fingernail and it doesn't break, then it is a good seed. Anything else I should know? If there is...
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