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  1. Buddi

    1:1 ratio THC/CBD cannabis oil

    If I make cannaoil with a high THC 22% and another with high CBD 20% each infused with oliveoil, mix 1/2 cup of each...will it result in a cup of 1:1ratio THC/CBD oil (roughly)?
  2. Buddi

    Cannibis oil

    Can anyone help...what's the strength in a teaspoon of infused oil?...I'm using a 1000mlbottleof olive oil infused with 30g of decarbed bud(30g before decarbing) with 22% THC cannabis. Also trying to help a friend ...I eat 2 cookies daily and that works great for me. Batch makes 30 cookies...
  3. Buddi

    Confused one

    how will 18/6 light schedule for auto flowering cannabis affect photo period cannabis also growing in an outdoor greenhouse in central NB Canada? All plants in on May 24 weekend. Will autos finish soon enough that you can simply shut off 18/6 lights?...and not negatively affect my photo period...
  4. Buddi

    Listening and Learning

    Hello... Buddi here...been surfing many sites and picked one...you.Don't ask many questions but love to read...
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