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  1. Nikolaos

    can anyone explain why bud smells so good and

    bong/bubbler what have you...always stinks! anyone know the reason behind that? I was told its the tar, thats why the water has a yellowish tint to it..neone? and here is some eye candy :]
  2. Nikolaos

    do stems weigh that much?

    I weighed my stuff because it was a little more stemmy then normal and when i took the bigger stems off it still weighed the same. I have been told stems dont weigh anything...
  3. Nikolaos

    For the 4th of July I have a special strain I'd like to share with you..

  4. Nikolaos

    so im curious why GDP is called that..and it isnt purple?

    I trust who i get my stuff from and was told this is GDP and boy its def the most fruity buds ive had in a looong time but no purple? i dont get it lol
  5. Nikolaos

    so every now and again I will find a seed in my bud

    this is probably a stupid question, but ill ask anyways lol..will that seed grow the same strain? or is it just a normal seed like you would get from shwag?
  6. Nikolaos

    a look inside

    hmmmmmmmmmmmm what to burn next..HHRRRRMMM ...lol :rollit::yummy:
  7. Nikolaos

    Bud so sticky it sticks to glass

    this is my glass jar upside down lol lolol :lot-o-toke:
  8. Nikolaos

    anyone know how long

    Ive been saving some buds for a rainy day..and this maybe a dumb question, but over time does weed lose its potency? \:Namaste:
  9. Nikolaos

    The Stash Jar!

    just some of the buds ive been saving. Going to roll one up of all of a little of each there's about 6 different strains in there I believe. :tokin::tokin:
  10. Nikolaos

    I could not believe the name of this strain, but its real

    Alaskan Thunder Fuck! lol....smells soooo fruity and taste greeeeeeat! :yummy::yummy: :thumb:
  11. Nikolaos

    I still cant comprehend why

    liquor is legal and weed is not..i drink and want to fight everyone i see..i smoke a lil weed i just want to enjoy life..and liquor has NO medical use..i mean wtf was the government thinking..oh wait they didn't think..:hmmmm::hmmmm: sorry just needed to vent that lol
  12. Nikolaos

    wanted to show off my beauts!

    i love em! :green_heart:
  13. Nikolaos

    my beauties!

    i love em :green_heart:
  14. Nikolaos

    What is this mold?

    literally the day after i got it. It looked like this. I'm assuming he didn't cure it rite...lol :Namaste:
  15. Nikolaos

    I Should Have Done This A Month Ago

    hello all im pretty new here and im loving it. I checked out a few other forums but non like this..loving the contest and great people! im glad to be here!
  16. Nikolaos

    Advice Please

    I've had this bubbler for years and now its shooting water back at me even ifi barley fill it..i tried boiling water..im thinking theres a lot of resin and i may be inhailing to long? its getting annoying cuz it keeps getting my majestic buds lol all wet :/ .. ?
  17. Nikolaos

    anyone know whats wrong with my bubbler?

    I have this piece ..which ive had for about 4 yrs and all of a sudden its shootin water out at me and no im not over filling it. I've tried boiling it in hot water didn't work. Any other ideas?
  18. Nikolaos

    not sure if these are mids or what

    so i got it for a little cheaper but doesn't have much of a smell and doesn't keep me high very long..any help would be appreciated.
  19. Nikolaos

    can anyone help - I'm curious as to what buds these are

    I'm always told some weird names and i was wondering if anyone could tell what strain/name it really is?
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