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  1. blunt master

    using bubble bags and 180 proof moonshine to make premium iso

    just had this amazing idea, do a quick wash using 180 proof moonshine, tne instead of filtering through coffee filters i can set up my bubble bags and bucket, then dump the mixture into the 170 micron bag to catch the plant material and squeeze it out into the next bag, and so on and so on, as...
  2. blunt master

    Strains that will survive 50 degree nights and 90 degree days

    as everyone knows its winter, i live in the white mountains in Arizona my grow room temperature gets to below freezing, i have set the timer on my lights to make it so it stays kinda warm at night, so i have my lights turn off at the hottest point of the day which is about 45 to 50 degrees f...
  3. blunt master

    need help making premium qwiso

    Can anyone help explain the process of making quality qwiso? I have made some a week ago but its not as good as what I see in pictures. I used 2 ounces of fresh half cured critical mass. This is what I got how come its not clear yellow? I did a 30 sec wash with everclear I got 3.7grams
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