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    Revegging for clones

    I was wondering if anyone could give me a ballpark time frame from when I start to reveg a harvested plant to when I can start taking cuttings from her if I have the lights on a 24/0 schedule? Thanks
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    Clover mites?

    So recently I saw some small red bugs crawling on the side of one of my pots. I assumed they were spider mites. The problem I was having that the mites were not acting like spider mites. I could not find any on the plants or any leaf damage. This led me on a search for other bugs. My...
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    Typical Spidermite Thread... SNS questions

    So against my better judgment I started a summer grow...and spring has brought me the bugs. I have 5 plants in soil from seed 3 weeks in veg on a indoor grow and I think I got mites. I noticed 4 or 5 tiny red bugs crawling on one of the pots and my heart sank. I looked all over and could only...
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    Pocket Microscopes?

    So I was interested in buying a pocket microscope for trichs. I looked on amazon and Carson seemed to be the brand everyone was referring too. It fit the 15 dollar price point and had the 100x. However the reviews were so mixed I just got confused. Some people swore by it, others condemned...
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    Old Organic Nutes. Still usable?

    So I was cleaning out the garage and found a damn near full bottle of Age Old Bloom 5-10-5. I know that these are from 5 years ago from a previous grow. It sat sealed, temperture pretty cool most of the time. Its most likely going in the trash, but figured Id ask to be sure Im not wasting...
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    Two random Questions

    1. Daddy long leg spiders in indoor garden. Good or Bad? 2. Hypothetical Question. What if you Emergency flushed with Club Soda or Seltzer Water? Club soda has a ph of 6.0, but has salt in for flavor. Seltzer water has a ph of 4 but if you were to balance the ph before hand. Do you...
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    Is Neem Oil Root Drench a suitable answer for fungus gnats?

    So now I just saw 2 little black flies in my grow room. I am almost positive they are fungus gnats. I have read a lot about getting rid of these guys. However a lot of what I read was speaking about gnatcontrol or other products. I was wondering if a Neem Oil drench is a good fix to these...
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    Super Soil Drainage?

    Hey, I just found this forum the other night and after reading some great info from the journals I decided I need to participate. So I have a GDP plant from seed bout 3 weeks old in a 12" circle pot. Its in soil, under CFLs and a blue LED right now. Temp and Humidity where they are suppose...
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