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    How to use high concentration nutes?

    My flowering nutes are NPK 20-40-40,just got them,1000w hps,gave them only once,about 60% of the dose,week 3,8 week veg,what dose should I use? it was like 600-700PPM (~14-26-26):Namaste::thanks: How often would you water 5 gal pots with these nutes? I was thinking going twice a week with full...
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    Whats wrong with my plants? Please help

    I have some fungus gnats,never thought they can do such big damage so didnt take care of it before,but I don't have like many many of them,traps are up for 1 day and I got like 2 flies on every trap (5 total),I dont know what else can be,PLEASE HELP,dont know what can be...
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    Strong nutes and PPM? How to understand? Need serious help

    Ok im confused..I started flowering like 3 weeks ago,plants were veged for 10 weeks but they had alot of stress so they are like normal grow 5 weeks maybe I guess,first grow..So Anyway,week 3 flower,there wasnt much to choose in store for flowring type so I got NPK 20-40-40,5ml to 1 liter of...
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    Is it fingus gnats or spider mites?

    Ok as I understand its fungus gnats eating on leaves? On one side there fan blowing,and on far another side,I was watering today,and that place is crowded with fungus gnats ( flying ) ,Ive seen like 10 maybe or 15 max,theres small spider on the corner catching some of them too,doing some good...
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    When to start flower my Scrog?

    Guys here are pics
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    When to start flower my Scrog?

    Since I didnt get reply on my last thread I will make again.Guys Im in veg for some time,scrog,there are some new shoots when I pull them under,there is alot of new shoots i mean,little ones,should I wait for them to get mature and fill screen full with average size shoots? Or to leave those...
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    Science experiment

    Turned out to be heroin.
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    Getting it in

    You could zoom in one leave with microscope 100x times and picture it,then your whole grow would be even more visible.
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    My timer broke

    Just dont make it again.
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    Just so you know - I was wrong

    Yes pls add pics.
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    Just Wondering

    I like growing too,new experience in life,see them evolving,like a little baby :)
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    3 week old seedling - Slight yellowing - How do they look? Pics included

    Look in chart,yellowing lower leaves,you can find all in google,deficiency chart.
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    Some help with my babies

    very wide question..do everything good and you will be blessed with every strain..
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    Getting Ready for 2nd Grow

    Good luck :)
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    First grow only girl out of 6 plants!

    Looks good,better use HPS 250 not cfl....
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    Do they look cloudy

    Looks like some goood weed :)
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    1/10 first week,2/10 second,4/10 3rd week,6/10 4 week,10/10 5th week,something like it,adjust by PPM meter if you have,or just start slowly increasing and spectate,different strains react difrently,some need more some less,soil nutes too,if have any or not have has diference.
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    How long will they keep looking

    Lol crazy people,man I dont think you will be arrested for 3 grams of hash :D Imo dont worry.
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    How long will they keep looking

    It depends much on if they check for it,if theres dof checking people ofcourse not good..But if theres nothing you can have 5 kilos in the bag and noone gonna know.
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    What do you think?

    Send me some of thaaa smoke :)
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