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    Homemade Aero Cloner

    Hey guys, it's been awhile! Havn't been able to access my proxy from a remote client site, LOL, and get here. Anyway, I am 3 weeks into using a new aeroponic cloning machine I made, and since I saw my first sets of roots this AM (on a very hard to clone plant, nonetheless!), I thought I'd...
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    Low Stress Training - Mother Bonsai

    I've talked about mother bonasai in the past, and now I present her to the readers of 420Times.com. I started her about 2 months ago as a clone off a plant that later turned out to be female. So, as a clone, I let MB grow 3 nodes, and topped the fourth. I then coaxed and trained the 6...
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    Not sure how to tell when to flush with water..

    I know it's 1-2 weeks, but I'm not sure when a plant is 2 weeks away. :P My first guess is that if 80% of the bud hairs are red is approximately "ready", then is 50% flushin time? :) Heh, any tricks or tips appreciated!
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    Hey everyone, just registered...

    and thought I'd say "high"... I've been lurking for about 2 months or so here via proxy (heh I'm so paranoid), and finally decided to register, since I think I've managed to leave a false trail back to me. Did I mention, I'm paranoid? :P Big bro is just too damn nosey for my liking...
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