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  1. 209 Cali C.G

    JD Lighting 600W - Digital Ballast Grow

    Well I have to give a shoot out to JD Lighting, and bpn for helping my do this grow! I'll I can say is wow This ballast will know what bulb you have, and can adjust the power from 50, 75, 100, 110% Been using Blue Planet nutes for 2 weeks, and plants are looking good, Well lets get this grow...
  2. 209 Cali C.G

    So who is flushing and who are not?

    I have always thought mj had to be flushed, but when I grow fruit or vegges I don't flush???Is it really just a myth?I can see watering for a week or 2 with water, but not flushing? I don't know just my thoughts...So who is flushing and who are not?Please tell us your info or thoughts on...
  3. 209 Cali C.G

    My JD Lightings 600w Ballast Grow Journal & Review #2

    I got this digital ballast from are forum sponsor; Jd Lighting, and was picked out, to test it and give a fair review.This was my first time using a digital ballast, because I have always used magnetic ballast. I'll I can say is wow This ballast will know what bulb you have, and can adjust...
  4. 209 Cali C.G

    Conv bulb 360 watts mh/hps

    I used this bulb two times for budding.Will it be okay to use one more time,or should I just use my new mh light.For flowing?
  5. 209 Cali C.G

    Low Budget Soil Grow Indoors - Closet Grow

    well I just got back it to indoor growing after my outdoor grow was so good. Me and my wife are medical users, and now I will growing for her and me. I have some clones 2, granddaddy kush, and 3 skunks.Right now I have them on a 400mh light 18/6 off.When they get to about 18 inchs I will...
  6. 209 Cali C.G

    Hello people

    My name is 209 Cali closet grower on another grow sit, but on here I have to go by 209 Cali C.G. Well I'l be posting my low budget grow on here soon. Hope to meet some growers on here and local.
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