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  1. nukum

    Dry Buds

    I seen in another post that you can use lettuce to add moisture too dry buds. Whats the ratio of lettuce leaf to bud? And time I should leave lettuce in buds? Other post said 12 hours?
  2. nukum

    Timer troubles

    Hey guys I justed got back from vacation and seen that my timer broke. And the light never went off for 1 1/2 weeks I justed ger three seeds and they were in the room .Is this going to screw up the plants? I justed went out and got another timer and set it for 18 hours on. Or is the...
  3. nukum

    Air temp for germination of seeds

    Whats the best air temp for germination of seeds ? Now the room is 85.6 degrees. I have one plant thats about two inchs high. and justed wondering if 85 is too hot.
  4. nukum

    Germination first time an lighting

    Bad news I have killed my stain after 5 yrs, So I'm trying a new stain C99 an NLxC99 from Joey Weed. This is why in the past I posted about the two strains C99 an NLxC99 Seems that some how after cloning off my plants for the length of time I have that some how I screwed up and the Taste is...
  5. nukum

    Clone room

    I have a space 6ft wide /4ft deep/7ft high I want to us this space for clones and a mother plant. What would be the best lighting for this area for as lumens? Right now I have 6, 48''/40w cool white blubs it says on the label 3000 lumens,70 CRI, 4100K. should I be useing something other then the...
  6. nukum

    Clones length of time that they are good?

    I have a clone I took about 4 months ago plant looks is very healthy. This plant has alot of roots coming from it. the plant is about three feet tall . Question is , will this plant still be a good plant to place in vegatative cycle to clone off it?
  7. nukum

    Seed storage months or years?

    Justed received my beans today and talking with a friend he said if I stored them over time the they would dry out and would not germinate Over time as in a year or two. Could any one help me out on this ...... Is that true ,right now I have them in a dry dark place. I have ten Cinderella 99...
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