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  1. Edward Scissorhash

    Which is more reliable, hydro or soil for you and why? Spider mite tips?

    I'm starting to grow with hydroponics and tried 3 different styles successfully including aeroponics and I understand the plants do grow faster and see this but I plan on growing 12 more to 24 and scaling up. I've never had any soil/root problems with soil before and I'm comfortably certain I...
  2. Edward Scissorhash

    With fabric grow bags, is it necessary to still transplant from small to large containers as they grow in size?

    With fabric grow bags, is it still necessary to still transplant from small to large containers as they grow in size to help promote a better root structure? As far as I knew with regular containers, I always started in small growing containers or plastic cups, then went to 1gal, 3gal, 5gal or...
  3. Edward Scissorhash

    someone look these plant pics over please

    2nd grow. Growing 12 Critical Kush. I've only fed my plants straight RO water since they were in cups. Once I've transplanted them to the 1gallon pots you see in the pictures. I started feeding them at low amounts. They have only been fed nutrients once since the pictures and these problems...
  4. Edward Scissorhash

    2nd Grow - 400 W MH/HPS - Soil - Grape God - Critical Kush - Dream Queen

    Hello. This is my 2nd grow journal. My first grow was a great learning experience and I feel like this 2nd time around is going to be more fun than the first. My first grow, there was a couple corners that I may have cut, and i was growing throughout the winter with horrible air exchange, not...
  5. Edward Scissorhash

    anybody use the full fox farm nutrient lineup or know about it?

    i used only grow big and tiger bloom, along with a bunch of soil organics and molasses for my first grow. for my next grow i am highly considering using the whole 9 product lineup of fox farm and using their feeding schedule to its fullest. big bloom, grow big, tiger bloom open sesame...
  6. Edward Scissorhash

    can i salvage my moldy bud?

    so i harvested 12 plants, 6 critical kush and 6 dream queen. i dried and cured them and jared them, waited for the stems to become snappy. i burped the jars i put them in afterwards as well. I thought all of it was dry enough but come to find out i just looked at it, and theres mold on there...
  7. Edward Scissorhash

    Anyway to induce preflowering?

    My plants are 2 days from 7 weeks old in veg. I started veg day count the day all 6 were upright and all producing their first true leaves. They do not have preflowers. They are 100% Indica dominate strain, seed bank fem seeds, and kush. I vegged since day 1 with 24/0 photoperiod. The last two...
  8. Edward Scissorhash

    Does this grow technique exist or would it work?

    the picture pretty much sums it all up. i made it because i figured it would be easier to draw than explain. im basing this idea off of the fact that plants have that rooting hormone in lower parts of the plant.. so if u buried some stem, it will grow new roots.. im guessing because if they...
  9. Edward Scissorhash

    Scrog - when to start flowering and screen setup

    Simply enough, I have 6 kush, in a 3.5 ft x 4 ft room. My buckets in the picture are about 1 ft diameter. They are 34 Days old in the picture, 36 today. What size should they be to start flowering to fill the room densely with buds? Are they big enough yet? close?
  10. Edward Scissorhash

    First Grow - 400W MH/HPS - Critical Kush & Dream Queen - Scrog

    This is my first grow. My only reason for sharing isn't to really show my grow off, but I want to share my grow to get positive/negative feedback. Please feel free to let me know if there's anything I could do better, or call me out if I'm doing something wrong please! I did my reading and feel...
  11. Edward Scissorhash

    How does my first grow look so far?

    This is my first grow. strain: 6x barneys farm critical kush 100% indica feminized seeds lighting:400w mh with perfect hood that covers the room good. it is about 1 ft from plants. medium: 50% happy frog 50% ocean forest plus added extra worm castings, blood meal, bone meal, epsom...
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