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    First Grow

    All right I got my seeds and I have put my clones on the flowering light cycle. I have 5 kritical Bilbo and 5 blue cheese. I got an assortment of other seeds for free. I think I'm going to have to start another journal for those babies.
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    Cynical Roots First Indoor Grow with T5 Lighting Bag Seed & OG Kush

    Re: Cynical Roots First indoor Grow with T5 Lighting Bag Seed and OG Kush Your girls are looking bushy ass hell. Good job Cynical! Good Call on throwing that boy out on his ass. If you have an inclination you could try to pollinate a flower or 2 with the pollen form the boy with a needle...
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    Sativacat's Soil Tent Grow - Five-o & Alpujarrena - First Grow

    Good call you can veg at 14 but it will stimulate root growth. So at the very least you will have some a wicked strong root system that's not a bad thing. Good catch saticacat. Your plants are looking good. I'm happy you won the battle with the bugs!
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    First Grow

    Picture up date. Here is the cola drying and the jars where the little flowers are going to cure. Thanks all for everything during this first grow. I had a great experience with everyone that was here with me. side ways grrrr!! I have a few clones going right now. I jacked...
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    First Grow

    Hi all I kind of fell off. My bad. I mad a good hall off that one great big plant. I filled up 5 one gallon jars when it was all dried. I have some picks that I will try to upload in a little bit. The smell is fantastic. This orange hybrid is fantastic. It has a great high really happy no...
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    First Grow!

    :goodjob: I'm excited to see you harvest goes for you VG.
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    First Grow

    Ahhhhhhh this is taking forever lol. I think I'm half done and I have been clippin for 5 hours. Its very grueling task. It a good time I think I need more beer. Well breaks over I have to get back to it. :circle-of-love:
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    First Grow

    So I measured her at 6'9" tall. that's from the top of the soil to the top of the cola. I'm going to chop the tree down tomorrow! It going to be awesome. I have no idea how much I'm going to get wet weight. I guess we will see. I will give an update tomorrow with some pics and stuff...
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    Cynical Roots First Indoor Grow with T5 Lighting Bag Seed & OG Kush

    Re: Cynical Roots First indoor Grow with T5 Lighting Bag Seed and OG Kush I'm here Cynical who's got the fiskers. :joint: I think I would agree with VG. You have a limited space to deal with so its a great idea to flip. I would repot and wait for any stress to show. If you have any then...
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    First Grow

    Oh I wish I could come over Cynical. I don't think she could get out the door.:Love: I'm going to be doing some major trimming. I can't believe she got so big so fast. I'm going to have to hang 2, 9 foot lines to hang is all. Thanks VG I didn't mean for her to get so big. :MoreNutes:
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    Feminized Blue Dream

    Nice colas keep it up. :thumb:
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    First Grow

    AHHHHHH my clone box got up to 102 today nooooo.
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    First Grow!

    Looking good VG. Those lil buds look sticky. I can't wait for the next photo shoot. How are your ladies smelling these days?
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    First Grow

    All right I'm back. I was having some problems with the site I don't know but its all fixed now. So I have an update with some pictures. 10 days until harvest so far. I've cut all nutts and have hoped that the cola would come back but no. Here is the cola. Grrrr A close up of some of...
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