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  1. ALWAYS-420

    New flavor in

    :rasta: (Indica) Blue God *nice mellow high, relaxing. *earthy-berry taste N smell :smoke2: cheers
  2. ALWAYS-420

    55/8ths ALL DAY LONG~

    :allgood: :peace: :allgood: indica: -sfv og kush -nyc kush -bubba x og -banana kush -aff kush -lau #4 -r.budha -jamaican sativa: -sour diesel -silver haze -purple erkle -jack h. -moonshine -cracktrain SPECIALS: -frisco kush (60/8th) Must Try! concentrates:-oils...
  3. ALWAYS-420

    Update on our GOODIES

    :rasta: indica: -sfv og kush -nyc kush -bubba x og -banana kush -aff kush -lau #4 -r.budha -pmk -jamaican :rasta: sativa: -sour diesel -silver haze -purple erkle -jack h. -erkle bernees -purple mist -cracktrain :cool027: concentrates: -oils -black lebanese hash...
  4. ALWAYS-420

    We Got Tinctures! - Sprays - Honey Extracts

    check out our new selection of solubles. -tinctures -canna sprays -canna honey oil -hash pills more edibles too~~~ :allgood: :smoke2: keep it green
  5. ALWAYS-420

    More goodies

    humboldt kief:3: black gold hash:3: nice weather today, cheers:bong:
  6. ALWAYS-420

    Mention this 420 thread!

    To all 420mag members: =SPECIAL DISCOUNT= mention this thread and get 10-15bucks of your visit :3: (one per patient) 420mag members also get 1.5grams FREE for every patient referral :3: more specials to come~~ :37: keep it green~
  7. ALWAYS-420

    NEW Strains ~ We got EDIBLES!

    :allgood: -SFV OG Kush(I) *75/8th -Chem Dawg(I) *65/8th -PM-K(I) *45/8th -Agent Orange(I) *40/8th edibles: brownies(5-10) , cookies(2-5) :bong: have a nice weekend guys
  8. ALWAYS-420


    :allgood: Friday the 13th:allgood: -Agent Orange | 35/8th -Maui | 45/8th -Blackberry | 50/8th -Romulan x Whitewidow | 55/8th -Grandaddy | 55/8th -Silver Haze | 55/8th -Purple Haze | 55/8th :adore: ! 5-10 off Oils !:laugh2: stop by and check us out, everyone have a baked...
  9. ALWAYS-420

    Bulletin board has 16 flavors for headies

    I will be updating the board for you guys soon. Stay tuned as i will update pics in a moment:peace:
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