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    What height should I flower my plant?

    I've mothered a heavy indica, a heavy sativa, and a 50/50, and all 3 I flower at different heights due to my cabinet grow only having like 4 feet of useful grow space (if that much). The indica is a 2x, so I grow her to 1.5 feet. The sativa is like 4.5x before it stops so I try to flower it...
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    How Can I Promote A Male

    Re: How Can I Promote A Male ..... If you are really interested in the mechanics behind MJ genetics and gender, take a look at this. It also tells you how to convince your plants to express male flowers. Very interesting, albeit a tad slow, reading. Unless you are a plant geneticist, then...
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    Won't the maltose make your plants gassy? :P
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    Homemade Aero Cloner

    Update: Silicon or glue the bubble wand holders (usually a suction cup) down to the bottom. They can come loose and if they are floating, the chamber won't work right. Didn't lose anything because 3 others bubble wands were still underwater! :)
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    Homemade Aero Cloner

    No, I don't, sorry. It usually takes me forever to get pics done cuz I don't have a whole lot of free time with a RL job, and my little biology experiments. I'll see what I can do though, but no promises. :) I can answer questions though, where my description is "less than informative" heh....
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    Don't wait long enough to smell amonia or dirty diaper. From experience, that is too late. :( I lost a whole jar that way (luckily I do a bunch of small jars!). When should I have jumped back a step? When it started smelling "earthy" like good soil, LOL. Even a friend commented that my...
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    Cheap Hydroponic Solution- LMAO

    heh I just run pure h20 with kool bloom the last 2 weeks in my hydro. :)
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    Homemade Aero Cloner

    Hey guys, it's been awhile! Havn't been able to access my proxy from a remote client site, LOL, and get here. Anyway, I am 3 weeks into using a new aeroponic cloning machine I made, and since I saw my first sets of roots this AM (on a very hard to clone plant, nonetheless!), I thought I'd...
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    Hollow Stems

    Yeah, I"ve had both hollow and not hollow. It didn't seem to make a difference to the plants health or ultimate quality.
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    Females have more THC when males are nearby

    I'm inclined to believe Urdedpal's experience over my own stoned conjecture any day. Meh, But if this guy believes otherwise, it's not the end of the world so it's not worth breaking your buzz over someone else's opinion, right or wrong.
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    well water vs brooke water

    Because every single well in the country can be different, you can not be sure about anything until you have the water tested. Because you are getting it from a natural source, there is a good chance that the water's chemstry can change slightly over the course of the year and depending on...
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    They could be young centipedes. YOu might want to look under a magnifying glass or something, see if you see them well. (good way to kill one or two for study is put a drop of rubbing alcohol on a specimen that is sitting on a plastic surface (not in the soil!). Then, take it to a green house...
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    no room

    I maintain mothers using bonsai techniques that do indeed include cutting a plants roots every so often. My suggestion to you is to buy a book for INDOOR Bonsai. (not outdoor, because trees grow WAY too slow). Then take the times they give you (i.e. cut the roots every 2 years for indoor...
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    what is a good set up for growing large quanities

    LOL, Heh I read this the other day b4 any replies and was like, Hmm...someone is fishing to get someone to talk about cultivating mass quantities...Hmm..someone is fishing for some obsure thread at busting someone for something somewhere? LOL,then I realized I was paranoid and just hit the...
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    hydro in sunlight?

    The best way I've found to control algae (that I can get even with HID), is to keep the medium out of the light. Cover the top with dark plastic or something? I bet you could do all kinds of stuff you could do?
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    aeroponics fog system

    I use aeroponic methodology, and you are absolutely right, it's friggin amazing!
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    Mold on my soil! What to do

    First question is, can you safely stop watering that particular plant so that you get aobout 1/4" to 1/2" of dry soil on top? If so, keep that type of water schedule, mold wont' grow without moisture. Overwatering is also probably the first contributor to soil molding. If you can kill it...
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    The Side By Side Soil Comparison!

    Re: The Side By Side Soil Comparison !!! Cool, looking good PJ. Keep us updated. :)
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    What Do You Think This Is?

    I had the same problem with my plants and I run flora nova grow at 1200 for veg, flower/grow for 1 week b4 and during 12/12 at 1200, and the rest of the flower at about 900 until 2-3 weeks pre harvest, then it's down to 200ppm of plain water and Kool Bloom. I got similar spotting down the...
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    Can I Clone from a Flowering Plant?

    You can definitely clone a flowering plant. It can be hard as hell to do it, and you really need to pick a branch near the bottom that might be growing but isn't showing much in the way of budding. I had to do this with a plant of mine to preserve the plant (as opposed to needing a quick plant...
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