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  1. Baja Big Dog

    No smell!

    So I grow 6 plants, hydro, flood and drain, three grow big, three we called the "retards" they didnt grow very big, they did bud, and after drying them, they have no smell!! Smells kinda like alfalfa... I am not an expert on the quality of pot, (original light weight!!) but last night, I smoke a...
  2. Baja Big Dog


    How does it happen??
  3. Baja Big Dog

    Address change.

    So any Californian's know if the place you grow must be teh same address as your original recommendation address... In other words, I moved from the address on my records at the doctors office that I got my recommendation (ie card). Sounds like a dumb question, but dont want to take a...
  4. Baja Big Dog

    Trimming bad leaves?

    Im having some problems, have posted some pictures here with NO responses, so I have another question, should Trim the bad leaves from the plants, Im about 4 weeks into flower, buds look good, but cant cure the bad leaves problems. Loosing them?
  5. Baja Big Dog

    Loosing them?

    Am I loosing them? Leaves are yellow, and curling up and browning, heres what Ive done.. Im in week 5 of flower, got some great looking buds, but this is worrying me.. Ebb and flood, water 6 times a day for 20 min I flushed for two days with PH'ed water, 5.7 then started over.. Added Cal Mag...
  6. Baja Big Dog

    Light change time, questions...

    OK, going to flower, and 12/12 lighting, should I flush with no nutes for a day? Should I give them 24 sleep before changing lights?
  7. Baja Big Dog

    Yellow leaves

    So the red leaf issue is long gone, now the fricken leaves are going brown... looks like Mag to me based on the trouble thread, but what opinions and what fis. I changed water yesterday, the PH is 5.7 and the PPM;s are 1200 Botanicare Pro Grow and Botanicare Cal Mag What Strain is it? Casey...
  8. Baja Big Dog

    Algae on Coco mat

    If it aint one thiong, its another!! My Cocomat has algae growing in some spots. Any suggestions? Thought of some white plastic covering the exposed mat, (2x2 mat with two 6 inch rockwool cubes per square):pop2:
  9. Baja Big Dog

    Bulb brands.

    So its getting about time to change to HPS, so instead of asking what brands of lights you guys like (which would turn into a huge issue), my question is what brands of lights have people NOT liked? Dual arc lights? are they worth the extra money? (50 bucks compared to 80 bucks) Been...
  10. Baja Big Dog

    Testing THC levels?

    I did a search, and cant believe it hasn't been asked (I know it has, but couldn't find anything) but... Is there a way to test THC levels of your plants?
  11. Baja Big Dog

    Red leaves

    Heres some pic's... What Strain is it? Casey Jones Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Sativa How Many Plants? 3 Casdy 3 Sour Grape Is it in Vegetative or Flowering Stage? Veg If in Vegetative Stage... How Long? Ive had them 1 week, clones If in Flowering Stage... How Long...
  12. Baja Big Dog

    When are clones.

    not considered clones? At what point do you remove them from 24 hour lights, and start light cycles?:surf:
  13. Baja Big Dog

    Who's usng Co2.

    What system are you using? Grow room temps? Results?
  14. Baja Big Dog


    OK first off read my siggy:smokin:...that said, I have done every search possible, and found nothing on LST, I know what it does, but was looking for some guidelines on how to do it....when to do it? etc etc etc....
  15. Baja Big Dog

    Rockwool water level

    When running a water cycle, how much of the cube (6") should be exposed to the water. Im using 6" cubes in a 2x2 tray, on top of cocomat, when flooding the cube is about a 1/2-3/4" in water. I checked the grow info, and didnt find anything. How much water should the cube be allowed to...
  16. Baja Big Dog

    Water chiller questions

    Thinking of a 1/4 HP chiller, question is has anyone used the chiller for dual purpose, that is ... Running a light radiator.. And also using it to cool the resi... One issue would be running the nuted water through the chiller? And thoughts? Yes I did search, but didnt find...
  17. Baja Big Dog

    Big Dog's maiden journey begins!

    After many newbie dumb questions, and the help of many folks here, the cherry is broken, and the "Short Bus" grow begins!!:thankyou: A litle fuzzy...again, its a short bus thing!! Casey Jones Sour grape I am sure more dumb questions are on the way!!:slide::ganjamon:
  18. Baja Big Dog

    Again, need opinions.

    OK so I planting clones in rockwool, with cocomat, ebb and flow, 1000 watt hid, what water and light cycles should I be using? One guy told me to spray the clones with water for a few days....but dont know if I should be cycling water once, twice, three times a day, and lights should be 12/12?
  19. Baja Big Dog


    OK, I searched and found 6 pages, with no good explanation, or even better, a picture..(I didnt read every return to the search!!) What is the "NODE"?
  20. Baja Big Dog

    Yet another dumb newbie PH

    question... I have a 25 gallon resi, and my pH started (from the tap) at 7.8, I have used approx 3 oz of PH down, and my PH is not going down, its been about 5 days, and I keep adding PH down, and its now at about 7.2...how much PH down should it take to drop it to mid 6's? Is there a...
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