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  1. SptyOty

    Bay area clubs (Very Comprehensive)

    Re: bay area clubs MariCare - Pacheco, CA
  2. SptyOty

    Fisherman's Wharf Bid Tests New Pot Club Laws

    God-fucking-damnit, I miss home.
  3. SptyOty

    Whats your favorite slang for marijuana?

    mariganja, kolto, hippy lettuce, lando calrissian, el diablo de verde, jazzplants, mr. Thc, your highness, sticky, ganj, that green stuff, mota, dank, bomb, grass... ...all commonly used names, at least by me.
  4. SptyOty

    Five Arrested, Marijuana Dispensaries Raided

    It's not too far from the truth, however. I live down here in SD and went to a few dispensaries before my 2 year reccommendation expired last month, and on more than two occasions I felt like my safety was in danger because of the shady motherfuckers who hang around these dispensaries. It's a...
  5. SptyOty

    U.S. Drug Agents Raid 13 Medical Marijuana Sites

    Yeah, I was up there not too long ago, and made a stop by Maricare one last time, they will be moving locations as of the 26th of december, to an, as of now, undisclosed location. They told me that if I call around a week before the move, they could tell me where the new location will be...
  6. SptyOty

    U.S. Drug Agents Raid 13 Medical Marijuana Sites

    Why, hello there Mr. Pinch. Yes, have been down here since September. Just got a steady job finally about a month ago, and just only since Monday have I had internet at home. I had been to a few of the dispensaries down here before I read about the news one morning on canorml.org when I was...
  7. SptyOty

    U.S. Drug Agents Raid 13 Medical Marijuana Sites

    Thanks for getting this up somewhere more people can see it Smokey. -spty
  8. SptyOty

    San Diego Dispensaries Raided

    SAN DIEGO SUPES DEFY STATE MEDICAL MARIJUANA LAW Vote to File Federal Lawsuit Against Prop 215, SB 420 Dec. 7th. Opposing a state requirement that counties issue medical marijuana ID cards, the San Diego County Board of Supervisors voted to file a federal lawsuit against...
  9. SptyOty

    Hittin the lovely PHX

    Thanks man, me too. Have a good time visiting the family!
  10. SptyOty

    Hittin the lovely PHX

    Hahaha, I know it is! Thats what makes it worse! I'm broke as fuck and I dont know if I trust the cannabis clubs down here in SD, so I'm thinking about waiting until I go back up to NorCal to visit the parents or something to cop some more ganj.
  11. SptyOty

    Hittin the lovely PHX

    *tear* I miss smoking the herb.
  12. SptyOty

    5 Fav Strains

    1) Maui Waui Purple 2) Sweet Romulan (or just plain old Romulan) 3) G13 4) Bonana 5) Purple Haze *honorable mentions* Jack Herer White Widow AK47 Super Silver Haze Oaksterdam Goo
  13. SptyOty

    Pics of my new PHX bong.

    Yeah, in Berkeley they'll try to rip you off if you look like a tourist or they dont recognize you, but theres 2 really easy tricks you can pull to get them to lower the prices. One is just a bold face lie... You go in and ask them the price of something and wait for the answer, then respond...
  14. SptyOty

    Best way to smoke Kief

    I personally like to layer my kief. Such as: pack 1/4 bowl layer of kief pack 1/4 bowl layer of kief ...and so on till its full. I know some people like putting it in the middle, and some like to top off the bowl with it, and ive known a few people who run out of weed before they run out of...
  15. SptyOty

    Pics of my new PHX bong.

    My bong was supposed to be $350, talked him down to $300 for the bong, ashcatcher, and bag alltogether.
  16. SptyOty

    Pics of my new PHX bong.

    Word, I feel ya. But damn, $80!?!? Mine only cost me 30. Btw, have you tried filling the top portion with crushed ice yet?
  17. SptyOty

    Pics of my new PHX bong.

    Yeah I know what you mean. And btw, sorry for contradicting myself, having earlier in this thread say 'you should get the ash catcher'... i shouldve specified that you should get it only if you wish to complete the ensemble and obtain everything there is for it. In reality, its not worth it and...
  18. SptyOty

    Pics of my new PHX bong.

    ^yeah i do have one, and not to be rude, but if you can cancel that order, i would if i were you. the ash catcher doesnt do a damn thing except make it even harder to get hits and reduces the "milkyness" you get without it. the ashes still make their way down into the femal piece regardless of...
  19. SptyOty

    Pics of my new PHX bong.

    ^Awesome man, glad I could help, and I'm glad you're liking it more and more each day. You've made the right choice my friend, and I wish you and your bong a long and prosperous life together :439::goof:
  20. SptyOty


    High Carpet! Good to hear we've got yet another grower on the boards. Got any pictures to share?
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