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  1. weedman79

    Blue Treacle Auto

    Plant size - Small to Med Genetics - Blueberry x Sweet tooth Growth - Quick 83 days seed to harvest Smell- Sweet blueberries - Low odor except for the sweet blueberries Buds- Tight- Dense Yield- 35 grams dried- 1 plant Smoke - Thick velvet blueberries (SMOOTH) High- Indica - Good night time...
  2. weedman79

    Crop King Seeds - New - NYC Diesel Auto

    Very strong plant:goodjob: Growing 10 out 10- She grows quick, and can get tall for a auto- Responds well to L.S.T, and TOPPING-If space is a issue:high-five: Taste 8 out 10- A sweet fuel High- 9 out 10- At first it gets your motor running, had me mowing, cleaning, etc... But the indica creeps...
  3. weedman79

    Fast Buds Girl Scout Cookies Auto & Blue Treacle Auto Grow - 300W LED

    Welcome my 420 fam, and any new members that i may meet along the way... I will be growing in 3gallon & 2 gallon pots this go around. Roots organic soil of course( My babies love this stuff) I will prob let them grow natural..But who knows i do love the (LST) on the autos, and top. I will be...
  4. weedman79

    Gorilla Seeds - Read

    Hello Iam weedman79, I made my first order with the Gorilla . I would like to thank there whole staff for such great service. I only have great things to say about this team. My order was at my door in 7 days from dispatch from there store..They responded to all emails.. P.s you can track your...
  5. weedman79

    420 cks?

    CKS...What kind of promo will you guys have on 420?
  6. weedman79

    Crop Kings - NYC Diesel Auto - Ice Wreck Reg - LED Grow

    1. Roots organic soil-will be using distilled water 2.300w led 3. millard grow tent 4.fox farm nutes 5.Lights will be 18-6 whole way 6.Crop King seeds- Nyc Diesel Auto- Ice wreck reg 7.Seeds are in a glass of water till tomm, and then damp paper towel in warm, dark place..then into 3gallon...
  7. weedman79

    Crop King's Early Miss

    300 watt led 1.5 gallon pot